Saturday, December 30, 2017

The new Red Obsession

From Ludwigsburg in Germany, the Michi Power Pulling Team around Hans and Michael Hermann have built a new IH Tractor for the 3.5t / 7700lbs. Sport class during the last 1 1/2 years. After the sell of his 600kg Compact Diesel Puller, Hans decided to built a new Tractor for the 3.5t / 7700lbs. Sport class. It's also a return to the big Tractors for him. He started his Pulling carrer in the late 80s in the 6t Standard class with a IH 844 Tractor on the DTTO circuits in Germany. He end up a few times on the podium, like in Seifertshofen 1997. In 1999, he made the switch into the Garden Pulling Sport and won in 2002, 2004 and 2005 the German Championship title and in 2004 and 2006 the European Championship in the 500kg Modified division. Before his switch this year, he ran very competitive in the 600kg Compact Diesel class until 2015.
The new Red Obsession has a homemade 4 square steel tube frame with a steel Rollcage, a homemade hydraulic power steering, a IH 1046 hood and homemade aluminium fenders. The 1046 hood was a little bit extended and is hinged now.
The rearend of the Tractor is from ZF and has a needle bearing diff with a stock ring and pinion gear, ZF stock halfshafts, ZF stock planetaries, a hydraulic single wheel brake system with homemade brake discs and Brembo brakes of a Dodge Viper. The original gearbox received some better and stronger special made gears from the Netherlands. The centrifugal clutch is a Crower clutch with 3 discs and a size of 11'' inch. In the original IH clutch bell housing was fitted a homemade 12mm steel liner. With this liner, the Tractor can drive without the shatter blanket around the clutch bell housing now. The Team purchased for their Tractor a set of Lemmerz steel rims with Michelin 650x65x38" inch tires. Hans and his Crew modified the rims a little bit, they made the rims lighter.
The new Red Obsession is powered by an turbocharged 6 cylinder IH OH 358 engine on diesel fuel. The engine has a IH stock block with IH sleeves, a stock crankshaft with modified IH rods and pistons, a IH OH 358 stock cylinder head with a ungrinded camshaft, original IH valves and valve springs, a homemade exhaust manifold, a modified stock intake manifold, a Garrett HX 55 turbocharger, a MAN Truck Intercooler, a Bosch PE fuel pump with 12mm elements, a Voltcraft 4 channel data logger and a self made diesel fuel tank. Unique on the engine is the Eberspächer heater.
With the heater they can preheat the engine before a run.
The Michi Power Team made some very impressive runs with the new IH Tractor during the 2017 season. They won the Wohltmann-Landtechnik Cup 2017 in Volkmarst, Germany and also finished few times on the podium. Hans Hermann will compete with his Red Obsession in the German Championship again next year.

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