Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New 3.4t Farm Stock in the Netherlands

The Spetsnaz Pulling Team from Heesbeen, in the Netherlands are currently working on a new 3.4t / 7495lbs. Belarus Farm Stock Tractor. After the sell of their old Belarus Farm Stock Tractor to Germany last year, the Dutch Team around Marcel Buijs and William Pullens started with the building of the new Vehicle in the end of 2017.
The new Farm Stock receives a new homemade St52 wedge frame with a new homemade Rollcage, a self built front axle suspension with a homemade hydraulic power steering, homemade steel wheelie bars and a Belarus stock rearend with a lots of special built parts.
The new hood of the Tractor is a copy of a Belarus 940 hood and was manufactured from aluminium. Also the new fenders of the Vehicle were made from aluminium. The aluminium hood and fenders are homemade and lighter than the original Belarus sheet metal parts.
The new Spetznas will receive a set of new cut Michelin 650x65x38´´ tires on homemade steel rims.
The new tires will cut by Hans Heesakers in the Netherlands and will have a double cut profile.
The Belarus stock rearend gets a special made Toolox ring and pinion gear with a special built homemade diff, original halfshafts, special made Toolox planetaries and a homemade single wheel brake system with homemade brake discs. Also the original gearbox will adjusted and receives some stronger gears and shafts from Toolox. The gearbox has 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear.
The clutch of the new Tractor will be a homemade 12´´ inch centrifugal clutch with 3 discs and the bellhousing comes from a Belarus 940.
The new Spetsnaz will have an turbocharged 5.5l / 335cui. Belarus power plant with 4 cylinder on diesel fuel.
The engine has a Belarus stock block with Darton sleeves, a original Belarus head with much bigger valves, a homemade camshaft, a modified Belarus crankshaft, new Belarus rods and homemade aluminium pistons, a self built aluminium intake manifold, a homemade aluminium intercooler, a Holset HX82 turbocharger, a homemade exhaust manifold, a Bosch P7000 diesel fuel pump with 16mm elements, a stainless steel fuel tank and a new datalogger by Ruud Visser Engineering from Holland. The new engine makes 2700rpm, that´s the rpm limit of the 3.4t / 7495lbs.Farm Stock division in the NTTO. The new Belarus rods in the Pulling power plant are running normally in the current 6 cylinder Belarus Standard Tractors. The Team think, they are the first Team in the world, who runs with a 5.5l 4 cylinder engine with a Holset HX82 turbo on it.
The Spetsnaz Pulling Team will compete in Dutch Championship this year. The maiden run of the new Belarus Farm Stock Tractor is planned for 2018.

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The old Spetsnaz in Hoogblokland (NL) 2017

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