Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The new Wind Up !

The Wind Up Pulling Team around the former boss Sascha Mecking from Westerstede in Germany are building a new 3.5t / 7700lbs. Limited Mod at the moment. After many years as boss, Green Monster Pulling Team crew member and DTTO Vice President, he decided to build, along with Thomas Tönies, Christoph Raker Kai Uwe Wegner and Johannes Roling, a low budget Modified Pulling Tractor for the newly formed Limited Mod class in Germany. In the spring of 2016, Sascha Mecking and his team started with the work and the parts sourcing for the new project. The team purchased the old Madame Light Mod chassis with the rearend and the rear wheels in Denmark, 2 used V8 Chevy engines in Canada and a lots of used Pulling parts from other Pulling Teams in Germany. Not much is left over of the old Madame chassis, only the complete rearend with the planetaries. The first thoughts were to use the old Chassis for the new project, but that was a letdown. The chassis wasn't wide enough for the V8 engine starters and the rollcage was too small for big people. 
So plan B, building a new chassis. The newly built homemade chassis is a Domex wedge frame with a homemade steel rollcage, the old Madame Scania / MAN rearend, a new hitch construction, a homemade steering and self built engine brackets.
One advantage is, the new chassis is lighter than the old Madame Light Mod chassis and it's easier to change the Domex frame rails at a damage. The Domex frame rails and the bent pipes for the rollcage were purchased at the Le Coiffeur Pulling Team from Georgsmarienhütte, in Germany. The fenders on the new ride are built from aluminium sheet metal. The rear end is a shorted Scania Truck rear axle. The rear axle has a Scania center section with a original differential, a stock ring and pinion gear and stock MAN planetaries carrier housing with original MAN planetaries. The Limited Mod will also have a 3 speed Kippley gearbox with a homemade drivetrain, a 11 inch centrifugal Eagle clutch with 4 disks and a old steel clutch bell housing. The Kippley gearbox was in the Madame Chassis package and the ratios changed with the support of the Green Monster Pulling Team from Germany.
Tires: Normaly they had planned to put the old Firestone 8 ply puller tires on the Tractor, but than they got the opportunity to test the first prototype generation of the new Alliance Rocket Puller tires on the tractor.
The new Rocket Pullers will be put on a set of newly built sheet metal steel wheels from Christian Keisers (Trecker Treck Team Sonsbeck).
The new Wind Up will have 2 single turbocharged LQ4 Chevy V8 engines on methanol with 6l displacement each. The engines were e.g. used in the Hummer H2 or in the Chevy Pick Up trucks and vans in the past and have never been used in Tractor Pulling in Europe before.
Each power plant will have a Chevy cast iron engine block with Chevy aluminium heads, new better head gaskets, LJMS turbo camshafts, better and stonger valve springs, better push rods, new high quality head studs, a original Chevy LQ4 crank with new Scat rods and stock pistons, new oil pumps original sleeves, the original intake manifold,  exhaust manifolds by Racing Innvation. Supply of air will be done by two Schwitzer S4T turbochargers with 80mm intake, Fuel and spark an AmpEFI system feed by a Hillborn -4 fuel pump. The stainless steel fuel tank in front of the chassis is off the old German triple Allison called ,,Green Fighter´´.
The Team are currently working hard on the Tractor to get everything ready for the 2018 season.
The maiden run of the Limited Mod is planned for summer 2018 in Germany.
Special thanks go the Otte and Sandberg families, Little Johns Motorsports as well as the Green Monster Team!

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