Friday, February 09, 2018

The next evolution of Terminator

Last year we have reported, that Rob van der Waal´s IH Super Stock Tractor called ,,Terminator´´ was sold to the Oomen Pulling Team from Sprundel, in the Netherlands. But, the Tractor received some big changes in the workshop of van der Waal Pulling Parts this winter. Rob and his Team rebuilt the Tractor into a Component Super Stock. The old heavy frame was replaced by a newly built homemade steel wedge frame with a homemade steel rollcage. The drivers postion on the new chassis is little bit more forward and the center gravity is lower, than on the old chassis. The engine position also is more forward in the new chassis. The Dutch Team hopes to get a better balance with all those changes in the future. Also, the stock components, like the IH rearend, the gearbox and the bell housing were replaced by new much lighter homemade parts. The new rearend has a self built steel housing with a billet center section, a homemade diff with a special made ring and pinion gear, homemade brake discs, self constructed brake capilers and CNC - milled planetaries carrier housing with custom made planetaries. The new rearend is the same as they use on their Case IH Component Super Stock Tractor called ,,Maximum Risk´´. The homemade IH 1066 hood and the homemade IH 1066 fenders were built completely new from aluminium. The IH 1066 also got a SCS reverser with a homemade driveline, a homemade 11´´ inch centrifugal clutch with 5 discs and a Browell clutch bellhousing. For the optimum grip the new ride received a set of new cut Firestone Puller 2000 HP tires on Midwest aluminium rims.
The new Terminator Component version is powered by a 6 cylinder IH DT 466 engine with 10l capacity on methanol fuel. The turbocharged power plant comes from the old Tractor and has got some little changes, improvements and a little bit more horses during the winter. The engine has DT 466 block with homemade sleeves, a billet aluminium cylinder head with billet cams, a billet crankshaft with billet aluminium rods and pistons, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, 3 billet turbochargers, a homemade methanol fuel system with self built fuel pump, ahomemade fuel tank, a Aviaid oil pump, MSD Dual Coil ignition and a special built data logger.
All the billet, self built and homemade parts for the Tractor were built by van der Waal Pulling Parts (Rob van der Waal) in Hoeven, the Netherlands.
The first 2 hooks with the new Tractor in Zwolle this season wasn´t bad. The new driver Linda Oomen made a great job and she was very satisfied with the performance of the newly built Component Super Stock. The Oomen Pulling Team will compete with their new toy in the Dutch Grand National Championship this year.

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