Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Component Limited Pro Stock in UK

The Team Deutz UK from Calne, Wiltshire, in South West England have built a new Deutz DX 110 Component Limited Pro Stock Tractor in 2017.
The Tractor is a 3.5t / 7700lbs. Limited Pro Stock, same rules as a normal Pro Stock, but with a engine displacement limit of 404cui. The British Team compete with the South West Tractor Pullers Association and the North East Tractor Pulling Club for points in the UK Pro Pulling Championship.
Team Deutz UK was started in 2002 by Pete George from Wiltshire, South West England with the Deutz 8006 machine called ,,Mean ´n´ Green". The Tractor was all ready built and over the years they improved on what they had. In the Winter of 2013/14, the guys rebuilt the whole front end with the help of Ed Bateman of Major Madness. With the fresh new look, the Tractor was rename into ,,Mean ´n´ Green DX Generation". After 2 strong seasons at the final round of the 2015 season, they broke the gearbox, with this and the fact the Tractor never ran in a straight line, the Team decided to rebuild the Tractor into a Component Tractor. Over 2016/17, the Tractor was rebuilt into a Component Tractor with help of Steve Cox and at the later part of the 2017 season they were able to make some test passes with great results. The whole Team is run on a very tight budget and have to be clever to keep at the top of the class without spending a fortune or pushing it to far to break parts.
The new Component Limited Pro Stock received a new homemade 4mm steel wedge frame with a american spec built steel rollcage by Ed Bateman, homemade steel wheelie bars and a DAF Truck rearend. The Deutz DX 110 hood isn´t original anymore. They built the hood from aluminium and is larger than the original DX 110 hood. The sheet metal fenders of the Pro Stock are original Deutz.
The Team Deutz UK bought the Truck rearend for their new machine from Piet Hagens in the Netherlands. Piet is the owner and driver of the turbocharged Transmash V12 powered Light Modified Tractor called ,,One Dirty Doz´n´´. The rearend has a original DAF center section with a DAF 2255 needle bearing differential, a DAF ring and pinion gear and machined aluminium Mercedes planetaries carrier housing with Mercedes planetaries. The new ride also got a Fuller 5 speed gearbox with a costum built gearbox housing by Steve Cox, a self built clutch bell housing and a 2 disc clutch built by Chris George. The rear wheels on the Mean ´n´ Green DX Generation are a set of cut Goodyear 20.8 x 38´´ inch tires on light steel rims. The Goodyear tires were cut by Pete George.
The new Limited Pro Stock is powered by a Deutz BF6L 913 power plant with 6.1l / 378cui. on diesel fuel. The engine received a lots of changes. The engine has a original Deutz cast iron block with bigger sleeves, original Deutz rods with KS Kolbenschmidt pistons (machined with their own design), a Deutz crank with KS Kolbenschmidt bearings, a flowed Deutz head with a Performance Design camshaft, a Holset HC3 Performance turbocharger built by Universal Turbos, a stock intake manifold and a costum built exhaust manifold by Ed Bateman, a homemade aluminium Intercooler and a Bosch P-pump with 13mm elements by John Sowerby. For the upcoming season, the guys from UK will make some few more changes on the engine. They want going over to electric fans and changing to a better exhaust system.

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