Tuesday, March 06, 2018

New MF Pro Stock in the US

Since last year, there is a new V8 powered MF Component Pro Stock Tractor on the Badger State Pulling tracks in the USA. The owner of  the new Pro Stock called ,,Sleipnir" is Mike Everson from Belleville, Wisconsin. The new Tractor was built with the support by K&K Specialties (Kraig and Kurt Wileman) from Edgerton, Wisconsin and Luke Miller owner of 300 + Performance from Arthur, Illinois. The new Component Pro Stock received a Engler Machine & Tool chrome moly tube frame with a Engler Machine & Tool built chrome moly rollcage, a Rack and Pinion steering and a Engler Machine & Tool built rearend.
The rearend has a billet aluminium center section with a aluminium differential, a special made ring and pinion gear, billet aluminium planetaries carrier housing with special manufactured planetaries and billet brake discs with billet aluminium brake calipers. The complete rearend was built by Engler Machine & Tool from Princeton, Indiana. The new Massey Ferguson 8690 hood on the Tractor comes from the current Massey Ferguson 8000 series. Because of the V8 Perkins engine the new hood was a little bit changed on the side shields. They made the hood wider, where the cylinder banks and the exhaust headers stand out. The fenders of the Pro Stock were made off aluminium sheet metal. All the sheet metal work on the Massey were done by Kraig Wileman of K&K Specialties, Steve Shafer and Luke Miller of 300 + Performance.
The Pro Stock also got a new Profab transmisson with a Engler Machine & Tool billet driveline and a centrifugal clutch with a Probell clutch bell housing.
Mike purchased for his new ride a set of new Midwest aluminium rims with new Firestone Puller 2000 HP tires. The new Puller 2000 tires were cut by Mark Korth of K3 tire inc. from Beaver Dam in Wisconsin.
The new Sleipnir is powered by a turbocharged 673cui. / 11l V8 Perkins engine on diesel fuel. The engine got a V8 Perkins cast iron block with Powerbore sleeves, billet aluminium cylinder heads by Bamber Engineering, Vogel Manufacturing camshafts, a billet steel Scat crank with Bamber Engineering billet rods and pistons, a Kono Craft intake manifold, new exhaust headers built by Hypersports (Craig Campton), a billet Wimer turbocharger, a Aviaid oil pump, a IMCO fuel tank, a Scheid Diesel built diesel fuel injection pump and a Corsa data logger. The complete Perkins V8 engine was built together by Luke Miller of 300 + Performance.
Mike was very satisfied with the first passes in front of the Sledge last year. The new Tractor ran pretty well and they had no major damages (only some problems with the exhaust headers) on the Massey Ferguson during the 2017 season. Mike Everson has planned to compete on Badger State Pulls and on some Pro Pulling League and NTPA events this season.

Here are a few words from Mike Everson about his new Sleipnir Component Pro Stock:
There are so many behind the scenes people that have made many parts and have helped not been mentioned above not to mention my wife Sheila and daughters Jade, Callie and Brooke being supportive for all the long hours I put in building it. The tractor started with my brother Craig and I looking at a Massey Ferguson 1150 that Dan Kuhn’s (Pro-Stock named Trailblazer) had for sale in Arthur, IL we talked for a while and eventually got around to mentioning we like tractor pulling but don’t follow much other than our club Badger State Tractor Pullers (bstponline.com) and Dan said “ Well boys you better come with me” so we went across town to 300 + Performance where we first saw Dan’s tractor “Trailblazer” and met Luke Miller owner or 300 + Performance. We talked for a while told Luke and Dan we are born and raised Dairy Farm boys and grew up farming with Massey Ferguson farm tractors but always wanted a V8 Massey but never had one. On the way home my brother and I decided maybe we should build a V8 Massey Pro Stock like Trailblazer to pull in our local club. So the next day I made a call to K&K specialties (Kraig and Kurt Wileman) and talked to Kraig about building a tractor so he initiated a call to Engler Machine (Tim Engler) and ordered a chassis. The chassis then went to K&K for some of the long list of items yet left to fabricate. Once taken as far as we could considering we didn’t have an engine yet due to parts shortage of the few items we didn’t manufacture ourselves the tractor went to 300 + Performance to be completed.

for further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/SleipnirMF8690/

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