Thursday, March 08, 2018

Rocky and Extreme Temptation at the NFMS Pull 2018

After the huge damage at the Gordyville Winter Nationals in Gifford, Illinois in the USA, the both Dutch Pro Stocks headed to Louisville, Kentucky to the 50th NFMS Pull. At the NFMS Pull, the Tractors competed in the 10200lbs. Pro Stock class. But, what´s different to the Pro Stock class in Europe?
First the class has a much higher weight limit, in Europe the Pro Stocks run with 7700lbs. of weight, these are 2500lbs. weight difference. The second point is, the big US Pro Stocks running partly with 680cui. / 11.14l engines, the Europeans only with 510cui. / 8.3l engines. With all those points, the US Teams had an advantage over the IH Pro Stocks from Europe.
Extreme Temptation was the first who driven in the Pro Stock class on Friday evening. The Rocky guys had their competition on Saturday afternoon. Both Teams didn´t disappointed their fans this time. Extreme Temptation made a not bad pass with his smaller engine. William de Vos made a great start, but in the end of the pass, where the sledge dropped his pan, the rpm´s of the engine went down and Extreme Temptation´s run was over at 210.58 feet. In the end, William was around 30 feet / 9.14m behind the later winner Kevin Schmucker with his John Deere Pro Stock called ,,Git-Er-Dun Deere´´ of the class. 
Much better was the Saturday afternoon for the Rocky Pulling Team. Barend Huijbregts made a great start with his IH 1066 and the 510cui. engine roars down the track. Barend stopped with the Ironman sled at impressive 219.516 feet, what a run !
I think a lot´s of the US Pro Stock Pullers were sureprised by the performance of the IH Tractor. Surprisingly the run of Barend was enough for the 3rd place and the Dutch Team was qualified for the finals on Saturday night. Winner of this Pro Stock Session was another John Deere Tractor called ,,Rapped Up´´ with Mark Lawyer from New Castle, Indiana in the hot seat. But in the pits, after the afternoon session they found a major damage on the turbocharger. The Rocky Team decided not to start at the finals on Saturday evening. The risk was too high to damage more on the engine. After the lots of problems at the first Indoor Pull in Gifford, Illinois, the Rocky and Extreme Temptation Team were happy with the performance of their Tractors in Louisville.

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