Thursday, March 15, 2018

The new Green Streak Unlimited

From Washington, Indiana in the USA, the Green Streak Pulling Team around Steve and Greg Boyd have built a new 4 engine powered Mod Tractor during the last winter. After 4 seasons with the Engler Chassis, the Team decided to going a new way with a new chassis and a different engine setup on the the new one. The new Mod got a completely new developed chrome moly tube frame with a new three bar chrome moly rollcage, a new FPM (Full Pull Motorsports) fabricated SQHD sheet metal rear axle housing, a newly built hitch and a hydraulic steering. The completely new chassis was developed and built by Bob Barbee and the Team at Full Pull Motorsports from Springfield, Tennessee. The new fenders on the new ride are made from carbon fiber and received a completely new vinyl graphics from TKO. The new rearend in the Mod has a billet aluminium center section from TRB Machine with a billet Humpco aluminium diff, a Rockwell ring and pinion gear, Franklin magnesium planetaries carrier housing with billet Franklin planetaries and Full Pull Motorsports 24´´ inch titanium brake rotors with billet FPM aluminium brake calipers. Boyd´s purchased for their new vehicle a set of new cut Firestone Puller 2000 HP tires on Midwest aluminium rims.
Also completely new on the Mod is the drivetrain. The Green Streak Pulling Team going with this concept a completely different way. On the chassis are mounted 2 completely new Crossboxes with new billet drivelines and a SCS reverser with a billet driveline brake. The billet driveline brake is directly mounted on the SCS reverser. The new Crossboxes are a collaboration between Full Pull Motorsports and Modern Machine from Van Buren, Indiana. FPM have built the titanium housings for the boxes and Modern Machine built all the internals (like the gears, shafts etc.) and assembled them. Modern Machine also have built the new drivelines between the crossboxes and the reverser. The 4 V8 engines has a other position on the new chassis now. The V8s are 90 degree turned and sits more forward than on the old Engler chassis. Also the direction of rotation on the engines were changed. The 2 engines on the left site turning counterclockwise and the other 2 engines on the right turning clockwise. The Team hopes to get a better balance and less torque in the tube frame with those changes. Each engine on the the Mod have a 3 disc centrifugal clutch with a Browell aluminium bell housing.
The new Green Streak Unlimited is powered by 4 blown Sassy Racing V8 Hemi engines on methanol fuel. The engines also ran on the old Green Streak Unlimited Mod Tractor and were checked and overhauled during the winter. The Sassy Racing power plants have a BAE billet aluminium block with BAE Alcohol billet aluminium heads, Moroso valve covers, a billet crank with billet aluminum rods and pistons, Dan Olsen Racing exhaust headers, a Mike Janis 8-71 supercharger with a Mike Janis aluminum scoop injector, a Sassy Racing fuel system, a MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition, a Racepak data logger and a dry sump lubrication with a aluminium oil tank. Each of the 4 Sassy Racing engines was on the own engine dyno of the Green Streak Team and make around 2600 HP with the 8-71 blower. The Green Streak Pulling Team will compete with their new Green Streak Unlimited Modified in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour this year.

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