Thursday, April 05, 2018

New Light Super Stock in Denmark

The Never Done Pulling Team around Soren Lüchan from Arnum, in Denmark are currently working on a new John Deere Light Super Stock Tractor on Component basics. After many years in the 4.5t / 9920lbs. Farm Stock class, he sold his John Deere 7810 Farm Stock Tractor called ,,Never Done" to Indy Meysmans from Belgium. After the sell in the end of 2016, Soren decided to built a new John Deere Tractor on Light Super Stock rules. In spring 2017, he purchased the old ACE Chassis frame with the complete rearend of the Ford 9600 Component Super Stock Tractor called ,,Rabbit g´n Mad" of Henrik Svenningsen from Hjallerup, in Denmark. Henrik won with this chassis several Danish Championships and the 2016 European Championship title in the 3.5t / 7700lbs. Super Stock class. The chassis has a chrome-moly tube frame with a chrome-moly cage, a ACE Chassis built sheet metal rear axle housing and a hydraulic steering. The Chassis with the complete rearend was built in 2011 by ACE Chassis in Cottontown, Tennesse, USA.
The ACE Chassis built rearend has a Rockwell center section with a Rockwell diff, a Rockwell ring and pinion gear, billet spindles, Franklin magnesium planetary carrier housing with billet Franklin planetaries and Engler Machine & Tool billet aluminium brake calipers with ACE Chassis brake rotors. Soren uses for his new ride a John Deere 8310 sheet metal hood and John Deere sheet metal fenders. The John Deere 8010 series was produced from 1999-2002. All the sheet metal work, like the side shields of the hood and the sheet metal coverings around the chassis were done by a local US Car workshop in Denmark. The new vehicle also gets a used Profab reverser with a ACE Chassis billet driveline, a 11´´ inch centrifugal clutch with 4 discs and a Browell aluminium clutch bell housing.
For the optimum grip on the Pulling tracks, Soren Lüchan bought a set of new uncut Firestone Puller 2000HP Pro Stock tires with Keizer aluminium rims from the USA.
The new ,,Never Done New" will have an turbocharged 6 cylinder John Deere 7800 engine with 7.6l / 464cui. on methanol fuel. Willem Veldhuizen of Veldhuizen Special Products (VSP) from Loosdrecht, in the Netherlands building the completely new power plant for the Light Super Stock.
The new power plant will have a JD 7800 stock block with Darton sleeves, a VSP billet steel crankshaft with VSP billet aluminium rods and pistons, a modified JD 4455 cylinder head with a billet / grinded camshaft from Jan Burggraf (New Generation Pulling Team), a VSP built intake and exhaust manifold, a billet Holset HX82 turbocharger with a 4.25´´ inch intake wheel by VSP, a VSP alcohol fuel injection system with a VSP fuel pump, a VSP built sheet metal fuel tank and oil pan, 3 Aviaid oil pumps (2 for the engine and 1 for the turbocharger), a RPM datalogger and MSD 8 ignition. The Tractor is currently ready so far and will go to the Veldhuizen Special Products workshop in the next few weeks. Then Willem Veldhuizen and his Crew will put the new engine into the Tractor and firing up the power plant for the first time.
Soren Lüchan and his Team will compete on the Danish Pulling tracks and on some pulls in Europe this year. The maiden voyage of the new ,,Never Done New" Light Super Stock is planned for the 5th of May 2018, at the Danish Championship opener in Brande, Denmark.

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