Friday, May 04, 2018

Changes on Total Eager Beaver

The Multi V8 powered Modified Tractor called ,,Total Eager Beaver´´ of the Eager Beaver Pulling Team from Putten, in the Netherlands received some changes during the last winter. The Dutch Team has changed the drivers position and modified the Rollcage on the Tractor. The drivers position on the chassis is now more forward and the center of gravity is lower. The Team hopes to get a better balance with the Mod Tractor in the future after those changes. Also all 4 New Century V8 engines of the ride were completely overhauled and checked during the winter time. The fuel pumps of the power plants were upgraded for a better and more constant fuel flow.
The guys tested their changes on the vehicle for the first time at the Indoor Pull in Riesa, Germany.
The Tractor ran pretty well and made a nice Full Pull. In the finals, the throttle wire of the front V8 engine ripped off and all chances for the win were gone. But, the Eager Beaver Team was satisfied with the first two passes in 2018 and also very happy with the new Mitas Powerpull tyres on their Mod. The folks from Putten looking forward to the outdoor Pulling season in the next months.
The Eager Beaver Pulling Team compete in the Dutch Grand National Championship this year.

The Eager Beaver Pulling Team would also like to give a big thanks to their sponsors for the support during the last years !

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