Thursday, May 10, 2018

New home for Double Screamin´

One of Europeans most successful Light Modified Tractors has a new home. The Modified Tractor of the Screamin' Bobcat Pulling Team from Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands was sold without the V8 Hemi engines, the crossbox and the rear wheels to the Rocket Science Pulling Team from Weert in the Netherlands. 
The Team around Bertus Boer won with this Tractor 6 Euro Cup and 8 European Championship title in the 2.5t / 5500lbs. Light Modified class from 2009-2016. But the Team also was very succesful in the 3.5t / 7700lbs. Modified class. They won a couple of Dutch Championships and 2 European Championships in this class.
After the sell, the Screamin' Bobcat Team have new plans for this year. The Screamin´ Bobcat Team will built a new big Modified Tractor for the Unlimited class.

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