Thursday, May 03, 2018

The new Catweazle Stage 3

The Catweazle Pulling Team around Hubert Hofer from Bodnegg, in Germany have built a new 950kg / 2095lbs. Mini Rod Tractor during the last 2 years. The Tractor got a new 25CrMo4 tube frame with an 25CrMo4 Rollcage (ROP), a new homemade 25CrMo4 sheet metal rear axle housing and a homemade steering with a self built steering gear.
The new frame is a copy of the 2016 Bobcat Jr.. Hubert Hofer bought the completely frame as building kit for welding from the Screamin' Bobcat Team in Ijsselmuiden, the Netherlands. The drivers position on the new Catweazle 3 is more forward and the center of gravity is lower than on the old Catweazle 2. Hubert hopes to get a better balance with those changes.
The new fenders are homemade and were manufactured from aluminium sheet metal. The new look and the vinyl graphics on the new fenders were made by the Team himself.
The new selfmade rear axle received a Rockwell SQHD center section with a homemade aluminium differential, a Rockwell ring and pinion gear and Willwood brake calipers with homemade brake discs. The new driveline and all the shafts in the newly built rearend of the Mini are special built and homemade.
The new ride also got a SCS transmission with special made gears, a Lenco reverser, a 11" inch Crower centrifugal clutch with 3 discs and a Browell aluminium clutch bell housing.
The German Team purchased for the Tractor a set of new Real Wheel aluminium rims from the USA with new Pioneer Giant Puller tyres.
The new Catweazle Stage 3 is powered by an Keith Black V8 Hemi engine on methanol.
The power plant has a Keith Black Stage 10 cast aluminium block with Veney cylinder heads, Victory valves with Victory valve springs, a SSI 14-71 blower with a carbon fiber scoop, a billet crankshaft with GRP billet aluminium rods and Sassy Racing billet aluminium pistons, homemade exhaust pipes, a Sassy Racing fuel system, a homemade aluminium fuel tank, a Keith Black oil pump and a Mallory Mag 4 ignition.
The engine comes off the old Catweazle 2 Mini Modified and was completely overhauled during the last winter.
The Catweazle Pulling Team will compete with their new Mini Modified in the German Championship this year.
The maiden voyage of the new Catweazle Stage 3 at the indoor Pull in Riesa, Germany was pretty good. The new Tractor ran very well and driver Hubert Hofer won the class by a margin of 3m / 9.84feet on Olof Roth from Sweden with his Mini called ,,Swedish Iron Toy´´. At the German Championship opener in Füchtorf, Hubert Hofer´s 16 years old daughter Melanie has driven the new Mini Modified. She made 2 impressive runs and won the Mini Mod competition in Füchtorf. It wasn´t her first success on a Pulling track. Melanie also won with the age of 8 the Garden Pulling European Championship title in the 500kg Stock division in 2009.

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