Saturday, May 19, 2018

The new Mr. Black Super Sport

From Ratzeburg, in Germany, the new John Deere 3.6t Super Sport Tractor called ,,Mr Black´´ of the ZA/TRA Pulling is ready now. The Team around Thilo and Jan Zange have build on that new Super Sport Tractor around 2 1/2 years in their workshop. Father and son have started with the building of the new project after the sell of their old Super Sport Tractor called ,,Green Hunter´´ in the end of the 2015 season. The Tractor received a steel wedge frame with a machined John Deere rearend, a steel Rollcage from Van der Waal Pulling Parts (Rob van der Waal), new homemade steel tube whellie bars and a homemade hydraulic power steering. The frame comes out of the old dutch John Deere 7530 Pro Stock Tractor called ,,Mud Patrol´´. Unique on the new Tractor is the old John Deere 4020 sheet metal hood with the homemade old school JD sheet metal fenders. It was a lots of work to renewed the old 4020 hood. Jan and Thilo made all the sheet metal work on the Tractor in their own workshop. They spend hundrets of hours for all this sheet metall and hood work during that time. The ZA/TRA Pulling Team purchased for the new vehicle a set of used cut Michelin tires on 42´´ inch steel rims.
The original JD 4030 gearbox was machined and got some special built shafts by Ron Perry from the USA and a Ron Perry / Koebrugge Metaal Bewerking B.V. gears combination. Also the standard JD 4020 clutch bell housing was machined and a new homemade steel liner was fitted into the housing. The Tractor can drive without the shatter blankets around the cast iron bell housing now.
Now to the power plant of Mr. Black. The new Super Sport is powered by a turbocharged 6 cylinder John Deere 4455 engine with 7,0l displacement on diesel fuel. The original 4455 engine has a displacement of 7.6l. But due to the 7.0l displacement rule for engines in the 3.6t Super Sport class in Europe, the displacement of the power plant must reduced from 7.6l to the 7.0l.
The power plant has a original machined JD 4455 cast iron block with new Darton sleeves, a JD 4455 crankshaft with machined JD rods and homemade pistons, a flowed 40 series JD head with new valves and valve springs, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a Holset HX 60 turbocharger, a Bosch P7000 diesel fuel injection pump with 16mm elements and a air / water intercooler by Freakshow Performance.
Jan and Thilo Zange have planned to compete at all German Championship rounds of the 3.6t Super Sport class this season. The maiden run of the new Mr. Black was at the German Championship round in Volkmarst, Germany last weekend. The John Deere ran pretty well and driver Thilo Zange made a Full Pull on his first pass with the new vehicle. The Team was happy with their maiden run of the Tractor and looking forward to the rest of the 2018 saeson now.

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