Thursday, May 10, 2018

The new Ruff Stuff is ready !

After more than 2 1/2 years of planning and building, the new Challenger Component Light Super Stock Tractor called ,,Ruff Stuff´´ of Kees Wajer from Hulshorst, in the Netherlands is completely done. The Team around Kees Wajer, his son Roy Wajer, Jaco de Lange, Roy Poldersma and the late Gerrit Bultman started with the planning and building of the new Light Super Stock in October / November 2015. Team member Gerrit Bultman passed away totally unexpected after an heart attack in November last year. The new ride got a homemade 25CrMo4 tube frame with a homemade 25CrMo4 Rollcage, a self built sheet metal rear axle housing, a homemade hydraulic power steering and a Challenger MT 600 D series hood. The Challenger MT 600 D series were built between 2011 and 2013. Also the rear fenders come from the same Challenger MT series. All the aluminium sheet metal work on the hood and the chassis were made by the Team himself in thier workshop in Hulshorst. The new sheet metal rear axle has a Rockwell center section, a homemade differential with a Rockwell ring and pinion gear and modified MAN / Mercedes planetaries carrier housing with new Mercedes planetaries. The new vehicle also received a completely new Profab HD 3 speed transmission with a newly built driveline, a 11" inch Molinari centrifugal clutch with 4 discs, a homemade flywheel and a Browell clutch bell housing.
The new drivline was built by Bennie Vreeman of Vampire Gears from Neede, in the Netherlands.
For the optimum grip on the Pulling tracks in the Netherlands, Kees Wajer bought a set of new Firestone Puller 2000 HP Pro Stock tires on Midwest aluminium rims in the USA. The complete paint job and the look on the hood on the new Challenger Light Super Stock were made by MW Designs from Schjindel, in the Netherlands
The new Ruff Stuff is powered by a single turbocharged 3208 CAT V8 engine with 466cui. / 7.6l on alcohol fuel. The power plant has a original 3208 Caterpillar block bored to 466cui. / 7.6l with Darton sleeves, a 4.1 stroke counterweighted stock Caterpillar crank with homemade aluminium rods and CP-Carrillo billet aluminium pistons, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a billet Holset HX 82 turbocharger from Santen Technics with a 4.25" inch intake wheel, machined 3208 Caterpillar cylinder heads with new special made camshafts, new bigger Victory valves and new better PAC valve springs, a VSP (Veldhuizen Special Products) alcohol fuel system with a VSP fuel pump, a self built fuel tank, a MSD 8 Plus ignition and a Racepak datalogger. The new Ruff Stuff Light Super Stock is the first Challenger Pulling Tractor with a 3208 CAT engine on alcohol in Europe. The Ruff Stuff Pulling Team will compete in the NTTO Dutch National Championship this season.

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