Wednesday, June 20, 2018

European Mini Mods successful in the USA

A pretty successful weekend had our two European Mini Mod Tractors called ,,Toplenzen Lambada 10" and ,,Bobcat Jr." in Benson, North Carolina two weeks ago. Benson was the NTPA Grand National opener for the 2050lbs. Mini Mod division. Session one was a close battle between the dutchman Wim Dingerink with his Mini called ,,Toplenzen Lambada 10" and the US American and former NTPA Grand National Mini Mod Champion Adam Bauer from Paton, Iowa with Cowboy Up. Wim Dingerink led for 10 hooks the class, but the last competitor Adam Bauer past the distance of Toplenzen Lambada 10 by only 0.42 feet and won the class. The new Bobcat Jr. of the Screamin' Bobcat Team finished in 7th. The new Sassy Racing V8 Hemi engine ran bit too rich on fuel and driver Phillip Fairbanks from Fitchburg, Massachusetts stopped with the Ironboy sledge at 312.350 feet. Saturday, was a clean sweep for the 2 Dutch Minis.
Wim Dingerink made another nice pass and won the 2nd Session of the Mini Mod class by 0.5 feet in front of Phillip Fairbanks with Bobcat Jr. Before the second session the fuel setting on the Bobcat Jr. engine was improved and the power plant ran much better. Not so good was the evening for the previous day winner Adam Bauer with Cowboy Up. He went sideways and finished only in a dissapointed 16th place.
In the current point standings of the Shell Rotella Cup, Toplenzen Lambada 10 from Zwolle, in the Netherlands leads the Cup with 59 points in front of Iron Toy from Paton, Iowa (3 points behind) and Bobcat Jr., Ijsselmuiden, the Netherlands (6 points behind). 
The next stop for the Lambada and Screamin' Bobcat Pulling Team will be the NTPA GN round in Tomah, Wisconsin.

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