Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The new Vampire

The Vampire Pulling Team around Remi, Mark, Kees and Bennie Vreeman from Neede, in the Netherlands have built a completely new 950kg / 2095lbs. Mini Modified Tractor during the last Winter.
After 3 full seasons (2014 – 2017) with the previous Tractor it felt like the right time to build a new Tractor. They booked some good successes with the old Vampire, 2016 Dutch Champion and 2017 3rd in the Dutch Championship. At this point, the old Tractor was still very competitive but sometimes they want something new / different and building is also part of the hobby. The old Vampire was sold to Germany and will compete there in the 2019 season. But what's different on the new one to the old Vampire Mini?
Pretty much everything is new, from engine to chassis. The basics are quite similar with some small improvements. Engine wise, the Dutch Team took it to the next level with a completely new experimental setup. They took the time to make it something really nice this time with a lot of attention to all the small details. The new Vampire got a completely new chrome-moly tube frame with a chrome-moly rollcage, a homemade sheet metal rear axle housing, a manual steering with a rack and pinion steering box and new light weight carbon fiber fenders by Gertie Leusink (Simply Irresistible Pulling Team) from Dronten, in the Netherlands. The most of the parts in the chassis were made off 25CrMo4.
The new chrome-moly Chassis was built by the Screamin' Bobcat Pulling Team from Ijsselmuiden, in the Netherlands and is the latest 2018 version from the Boer Family. A lot's of small changes were made on the Chassis to make it stronger, more maintenance friendly and lighter.
The new rearend has a Ford 9" inch center section with a homemade aluminium diff, a special made Ford 9" inch ring and pinion gear, self built planetaries carrier housing with homemade planetaries and Willwood brake calipers from the USA with homemade brake discs. Also the drivetrain of the Mini was completely new built. The ride received a homemade single speed gearbox in the latest lightweight design, a billet driveline, a 8" inch Molinari centrifugal clutch with 3 discs and a 8" inch Browell aluminium clutch bell housing. The CNC-milled housing for the gearbox was made from aluminium. All the homemade and billet parts for the rearend and the drivetrain were made in the company of Bennie Vreeman called ,,Vampire Gears" in Neede. For the maximum traction on the Pulling tracks in the Netherlands, they purchased a set of new Real Wheel aluminium rims with new Pioneer Giant Puller tires from the USA.
The new design on the fenders is self made and the new Chassis was clear coated. For the graphics they choosen an more aggressive design, but still recognizable in style compared to the previous Tractor. Also the Vampire / Bat has a more prominent place now and really stands out on the fuel tank and also as contour on the fenders.
The new Vampire Mini Mod is powered by a blown BAE V8 Hemi engine on methanol fuel. The power plant has a BAE billet aluminium block with Veney ,,Bath Tub" heads, Moroso valve covers, a billet crankshaft by Valesco, JE billet pistons and billet MGP rods, a billet SSI 18-71 blower, a John Force carbon fiber injector with fuel spraybar for intake air cooling (1 of 3 ever made), a Sassy Racing fuel system with a Sassy Racing single fuel pump, a homemade aluminium sheet metal fuel and oil tank, a dry sump lubrication with a extra oil filter, a upgraded MSD 44 + Pro Mag ignition and a Racepak data logger.
What are the hopes with the new Tractor?
The Vampire Team expect this to be a learning year with the new Tractor and engine setup. Also the new Sledge in the Netherlands will ask for a different approach. But of course they will play hard this year and try to take the victory !
The competition is really strong, so it will be an interesting season for sure. In the past they booked many successes in the USA with their drivelines and Boer chassis combination and really put Europe on the map together. Mark, Kees, Remi and Bennie looking forward to this season and expect a lot from the new Sledge in Holland which will bring distances closer together for an even better competition and show !
And how was the maiden run of the new Vampire?
Mark made 2 great passes in front of the old No Mercy Sledge and finished on a nice 2nd place behind Hella Lambada 9 of the Dingerink Family. Simply a great start into the season with the new Mini Mod !

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