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Photos Beachpull Putten (NL) 2018 - by Jan Lo Tractor-Pulling Media

!Putten (NL) 2018!


Photos by Jan Lo - Tractor-Pulling Media
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pulling in Pennsylvania at Shippensburg July 6

We go all over the world in search of the best pulling out there.  We tend to only get 2 hours from the house!  On this Friday night, I traveled up Interstate 81 to Shippensburg Pennsylvania.  Anyone who is anyone knows that Blue Power reigns supreme up there.  And with Forrester New Holland just down the road in Chambersburg, PA you don't really have to wonder why.  Upon arrival, we meet a few pullers and re-met pullers that have met us a dozen times.  You forget, as they do, that you have met before or was it their body double or their twin brother.  On this night a fellow came up and told us how easy the videos are to watch.  We spend a lot of money and time making this the case.  If you have suggestions for improving, let us know!

The 7700 Light Limited Turbo Tractor class was once the biggest show on the East Coast.  The numbers have waned a bit due to tractors moving up a class.  But this is still a very, very competitive class featuring Case, International, Ford, New Holland, and sometimes John Deere.  Greg Gress got the evening started out on Eagle Lite.  The old style Case just looks awesome and it took a few attempts but got dialed in and led the class with a pull of 264.52.  With the baddest looking Farmall around, Matt Dersham went 270.98 and led promptly to a reset of the Crouse Moonshine Camo sled.  Next came local puller Matt Smith aka "Smokey" and laid down a good run of 298.41.  Smokey's big brother Mark came in a bit later and ran 299.17 besting little brother.  Matt Dersham came back and drug the sled 301.09 to land a solid second place.  Ben Flaherty Jr put some WWPTV bumper stickers on his tractor first pull of the year which gave him extra HP, imagery HP, and a whole lot of cool points.  It proved to be the difference on this night putting 3 foot on the next nearest competitor in Dersham.  Ben Jr went 304.26.  We are working on Ben's new shirts and they are three kinds of badass.  Be looking for those shirts soon!

WWPTV Employee number 2, Chris Baker, comes up to me and says to me, "You know this class is really growing on me?"  My response is simply, "We are funded by truck guys!  What isn't to like about TRUCKS?!?!  They pay the bills!"  It is the truth we love putting logos on everything but we only have one tractor sponsor.  Help us out, meat!  So the class Baker was alluding to was the 4500 Small Block 4x4.  If you can't get out to a Grand National truck pull, just watch these guys!  They look and sound as bad as anything else out there and there are a good many of them.  So the sled was on point for this class just removing a few thousand pounds.  Denny Stoner took his Ford "Makin' Tracks" and drove the sled some 305 feet and dropped the winning hook!  Ryan Varner and "Mountain Maniac" came next and pulled 297.36.  [Swallow] Yep, those are lumps in the throat.  A few pullers later, Derek Dice comes in with this vibrant Dodge called Mopar Magic Too and lays down some serious feet 297.82 [Gulp] I can't take this NO MORE!  I am chugging tea like crazy, no way this happening.  I can't stand it when guys drop the winning hook.  Austin Stoner and his beautiful blue Ford Ranger dubbed "Analyze This" lay down a pull of 295.78.  Savagery!  They have officially built a highway and it stops at 297 feet.  That is what we call it anytime we start seeing similar distances with no real advance in the leader mark.  Denny Stoner comes back and lays some serious feet down going 301.70 to make amends for dropping the best truck hook of the night!  And you were so worried!  Congrats to all the pullers in this class.  We think the world of you and can't wait to catch you next time around.

The 8500 Mod Turbo tractor class get a lot of discussion on YouTube.  "What does the name mean?", "Isn't there already a class like this?", "Why don't they run this or that?"  They run what they and agreed to the specs to keep this class from getting out of hand!  It is the biggest HP class on the East Coast and it makes me happy.  That's all you really need to know.  I am researching what the name actually means, as I do want to know!!!  Adam House moved south to Virginia last year.  Virginia is no longer for just Lovers anymore, it's for Pullers, WWPTV coined and patent applied for!!!  So Adam, "Do you like living in Virginia?"  AH, "It is amazing!  It is so beautiful and I get to work on these beasts from 7-5 every day."  Adam House got the class started out with a fine pass of 312.82.  Phillip Price came a few hooks later and laid down a pass of 300.43.  How good was that first hook?  A few more pullers came and did business and then Vern Zerby brought his brood of tractors and went 304.58 on "00Z" and 300.98 on "Dr LZ".  The long drivers Jeff Mikloiche and Adam Diaz took their Ace Chassis pullers some 293.92 and 285.01 respectively.

Last on the evening was the 9000 Limited Super Stock class.  I don't have distances, but local puller Paul Hoch doing the track work and crew kept the show moving on all night.  He came first and took the class with the first hook.  Check their runs out at the end of the video.  The feel-good run of the night was watching Destinee Olden Palmer watch husband Carl Palmer do work with her tractor.  He did great!  Back to Virginia, it is for Pullers after all and this video guy.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

3,5t Superstock Eext 2018

This Week !

Tractor Pulling Cervarese Santa Croce 2018 - ITPO - Full Race, Explosion...


DTTO Behringen (D) 2018:

PPL Champions Tour Fairfield, IL (USA) July 7, 2018:

PPL Silver Series Fairfield, IL (USA) July 7, 2018:

NTPA GN Rockwell, IA (USA) 2018 Session 1:

NTPA GN Rockwell, IA (USA) 2018 Session 2:

NTPA GN Rockwell, IA (USA) 2018 Session 3:

NTPA Marion, OH (USA) 2018:

NTPA Eaton, OH (USA) 2018:

NTPA South Bend, IN (USA) 2018:

NTPA Greentown, IN (USA) 2018:

OTTPA Rock Valley, IA (USA) July 6, 2018:

OTTPA Rock Valley, IA (USA) July 7, 2018 afternoon session:

OTTPA Rock Valley, IA (USA) July 7, 2018 night session:

Team Screamin' Bobcat Eext 2018 light modified en mini unlimited

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Team Lambada Tractorpulling Eext 2018 - Mini's & Unlimiteds

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Eext 2018

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Friday, July 06, 2018

Flashback April 21 2018 Millers Tavern Virginia

Millers Tavern if you didn't know has been a haven for truck pulling for some time now.  It is the official home of Modified 4x4 trucks.  There are now less than 6 Grand National trucks taking the country by storm including 2017 Bowling Green Ring winner Ben Ellis Jr and Ben Jammin' (pictured below), Region 2017 Region 1V NTPA winner Bunky Davis and Seldom Seen, and 2017 NTPA Grand National Champion Peyton Davis.

The history of pulling in this area goes back to the 70's and 80's when you heard for events and being attended by droves and droves of people.  Trucks were new to the scene and they only complimented that love black smoke we have grown to love.  Now we have the sweet aroma of racing fuel and high-performance pump gas.  If it doesn't get your blood pumping at near workout levels, have a BBQ sandwich and the tractors will be back on track in an hour or so!

On this night, Peyton Davis' Punisher truck stayed in the shop and he was tuning on the Young Gun.  Peyton's brother John T brought out The Legend formerly the old Punisher got the class started off with a run of 308.10, Kevin Schools toward the middle ran a 303.78.  And Benjamin Ellis came right in behind Kevin and ran a 301.81.  The hall of fame announcer to be, John Nicol carries comedy with him everywhere we go and I try to work it in when I can.  He introduced siblings Rebecca and Mason Brizendine running Footloose 2nd and Cutloose 3rd respectively.  He proceeded to announce Rebecca distance of 299.24.  And when Mason bested big sister he announced, "Well, tomorrow morning young Mason gets to sit at the head of the table!"  Personal and region information, as well as great stories, keep the fans entertained in a way that is long forgotten!  Which is good so I don't have to cut Florida Georgia Line out of the videos and get massive copyright violations!

There is a long time pulling in Virginia that has been bucking a bull for 20 seconds at a time.  Thurman Munford does what he does and makes it looks easy.  Hard work is not easy!  But the appearance of such production would make one think it is.  Thurman has been pulling since the 70's.  On the live show Let's Grow Pulling East Coast edition, he told of a story where he pulled his tractor in a dump truck and almost had it roll off.  You hear so many stories around this group, you would have to think they are made up.  But like fine wine, they are simply aging well.  So in April Thurman Munford bested the Super Pro Farm class going 312.94 beating class sponsor for Big L Tire Pros Chad Nesselrodt and Recap This that went 312.94.  Thurman also beat out Bill Catlett who when 305.99 to finish out the top 3.

So, I know what you are thinking, you are thinking "Will. how can just trucks be this much fun?"  I film primarily a truck league.  And there is a vibe anytime you go to a new place and film.  But Millers Tavern feels more like home than any place in the world, at least to me.  But when with friends there is a buzz where everybody and their brother whips outs their cell phones, iPads, and flip phones to snap a pic of the Wheel Standing Mega Trucks.  They are the most unpredictable class getting squirrelly on the first pass and perfectly straight on the next.  They have V8 small blocks, jacked up something fierce, and pushing out some of the best fuel smells on the planet.  I am eaten up with it.  Watch the video and you will see why we say, "TRUCKS GONE WILD!"

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This Weekend !

Tuesday, July 03, 2018


DTTO Krumbach-Breitenthal (D) 2018:

 PPL Champions Tour Freeport, IL (USA) June 28, 2018:

PPL Silver Series Freeport, IL (USA) June 28, 2018:

PPL Champions Tour Freeport, IL (USA) June 29, 2018:

NTPA Hopkinsville, KY (USA) 2018 Session 1:

NTPA Hopkinsville, KY (USA) 2018 Session 2:

NTPA Arcola, IN (USA) 2018 Session 1:

NTPA Arcola, IN (USA) 2018 Session 2:

OTTPA Hawarden, IA (USA) June 22, 2018:

OTTPA Manilla, IA (USA) June 23, 2018:

OTTPA Whitewright, TX (USA) June 29, 2018:

OTTPA Whitewright, TX (USA) June 30, 2018:

Mades Powerweekend 2018 by

Powerweekend Made 2018 / Saturday

Powerweekend Made 2018 / Sunday

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Monday, July 02, 2018

Breaking YouTube

I will not lie to you, I am a success nut!  If it isn't working, try something else. For six (6) years I have been grinding out videos and I cannot begin to tell you the joys of seeing something you put your heart and soul into and it gets big-time likes. I know pullers love it when their class video do very well. It makes them feel like the world is watching them.

Then someone new comes along and they destroy your videos. It is a really hard pill to swallow.  Several guys look to me for answers and I didn't have any. So you study keywords, build your brand, watch ridiculous amounts of Grassmen TV, anything to figure out what the world wants to watch and truly enjoy. I have been studying and studying and studying. YouTube seems to love videos between 5-7 minutes and my rate of video watch was about 4:50 per video published.  In 2018, I started doing things differently. I started building projects the exact same as I always had but due to an Adobe Premier change, I changed things up a bit further.

Now I slice and dice the whole pull which runs with little shortage of action for 20 minutes to 50 minutes. The difference seems to be breaking YouTube and it isn't that the new guys were doing anything new or different, it is just pulling. If you like pulling there are several dozen channels to follow of high-level content. I have been doing more angles, more ride alongs, more interviews, more drone footage, more filming of fans enjoying themselves. It is the best thing I can do without sitting back and re-narrating the event or having Maddy Holeshot give better interviews. That is a shameless pull from FX1 and their coverage of NHRA.  I must confess I love watching drag racing because is the most similar to the class structure and winners circle as pulling.  I love the angles of film, creative camera placement, and post interviews.  I talked to a puller this past weekend and he said, "You know Will man I love you, and I would do anything for you, but there is no way I am talking to you on camera!"  Enough said.

The other thing I have done is involve you. I am fluent in Deutsch and try my best to communicate in French with my neighbors up north. When you watch a video, please let me or any other YouTuber know what you think of the content. I smash "Like" all comments, "Heart" really good ones, reply to just about every one of them, and especially the comments with questions.  If I can't with my physics, mechanics, and computer background answer your question, I will ask a puller.  Your involvement will allow us to continue Breaking Tube for the pulling world.

Stats for Lynchburg video embedded below at (time of post):
20,000 views of 41 minutes for average watch time of 31%
5,757 views of class-specific content averaging 4.5-minute videos for average watch time of 61%

YouTube seems to like the bigger format but engaged fans like the class-specific breakouts.  This is my channels breakout.  There have always been spikes, but nothing like this.  This graphic is for Watch time in terms of the number of hours per day watched.  This past weekend while filming remotely, we hit 75K watched hours on Friday, then 65K on Saturday, and 92K hours yesterday.

As I am crossing the threshold of 5,000 subscribers, know that we are just as committed to you the pullers and fans as we were day one.  We just have a lot more responsibility than ever before.

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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Too much power for Foolish Fun Hot Farm and all other hooks from Orange Virginia June 16 2018

For many years this puller sat and laid in wait. Now, it has come out and it seems to have a gremlin in it. I hope that brothers Shandy Turner, Garrett Turner, and Garland Mumaw can get this tractor right. These boys are from Stanley Virginia. It has an uphill battle for sure. Take look at the video and slow it down and re-watch. I really want to have this tractor down the track where I am located. If you search Hot Farm there are earlier runs from this year as well as last.

First Hook (Shandy):

Second Hook (Shandy):

Third Hook (Garrett):

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