Monday, July 02, 2018

Breaking YouTube

I will not lie to you, I am a success nut!  If it isn't working, try something else. For six (6) years I have been grinding out videos and I cannot begin to tell you the joys of seeing something you put your heart and soul into and it gets big-time likes. I know pullers love it when their class video do very well. It makes them feel like the world is watching them.

Then someone new comes along and they destroy your videos. It is a really hard pill to swallow.  Several guys look to me for answers and I didn't have any. So you study keywords, build your brand, watch ridiculous amounts of Grassmen TV, anything to figure out what the world wants to watch and truly enjoy. I have been studying and studying and studying. YouTube seems to love videos between 5-7 minutes and my rate of video watch was about 4:50 per video published.  In 2018, I started doing things differently. I started building projects the exact same as I always had but due to an Adobe Premier change, I changed things up a bit further.

Now I slice and dice the whole pull which runs with little shortage of action for 20 minutes to 50 minutes. The difference seems to be breaking YouTube and it isn't that the new guys were doing anything new or different, it is just pulling. If you like pulling there are several dozen channels to follow of high-level content. I have been doing more angles, more ride alongs, more interviews, more drone footage, more filming of fans enjoying themselves. It is the best thing I can do without sitting back and re-narrating the event or having Maddy Holeshot give better interviews. That is a shameless pull from FX1 and their coverage of NHRA.  I must confess I love watching drag racing because is the most similar to the class structure and winners circle as pulling.  I love the angles of film, creative camera placement, and post interviews.  I talked to a puller this past weekend and he said, "You know Will man I love you, and I would do anything for you, but there is no way I am talking to you on camera!"  Enough said.

The other thing I have done is involve you. I am fluent in Deutsch and try my best to communicate in French with my neighbors up north. When you watch a video, please let me or any other YouTuber know what you think of the content. I smash "Like" all comments, "Heart" really good ones, reply to just about every one of them, and especially the comments with questions.  If I can't with my physics, mechanics, and computer background answer your question, I will ask a puller.  Your involvement will allow us to continue Breaking Tube for the pulling world.

Stats for Lynchburg video embedded below at (time of post):
20,000 views of 41 minutes for average watch time of 31%
5,757 views of class-specific content averaging 4.5-minute videos for average watch time of 61%

YouTube seems to like the bigger format but engaged fans like the class-specific breakouts.  This is my channels breakout.  There have always been spikes, but nothing like this.  This graphic is for Watch time in terms of the number of hours per day watched.  This past weekend while filming remotely, we hit 75K watched hours on Friday, then 65K on Saturday, and 92K hours yesterday.

As I am crossing the threshold of 5,000 subscribers, know that we are just as committed to you the pullers and fans as we were day one.  We just have a lot more responsibility than ever before.

Watch the Video and leave a comment. Help these guys out! WWPTV on YouTube

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