Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New Limited Mod from Nebraska

The Otte Pulling Team around Bowdie Otte and his both sons Blake and Gage Otte from Norfolk, Nebraska in the USA have built a new turbine powered 6000lbs. Limited Mod Tractor during the last winter. After many years with Allison V1710 V12 engines (they own 2 single Allison powered Mods) in the Limited Mod class, they decided to built a new completely different Tractor for the class, because they wanted to do something different and add to the varitey of the Limited Mod class.
The new Tractor called ,,Foreign Affairs" got a new homemade steel wedge frame with a homemade 3 bar 2" inch chrome-moly rollcage, a Ford Mustang 2 rack and pinion steering, a homemade hitch and a Meritor 20-145 rearend.
The new homemade sheet metal fenders of the ride were made off aluminium.
The rearend has a original Meritor 20-145 aluminium center section, a Jostock needle bearing cross diff with homemade side gear bearings, a stock 6.42 ring and pinion gear, self made shafts and Franklin magnesium planetaries carrier housing with Franklin planetaries. The single wheel brake system is a Jostock / Mico Master combination. The brake calipers were built by Jostock (Jostock Pulling Team) and the cylinders by Mico Master. 
The new Limited Mod also received a used Banter crossbox, a homemade driveline and a SCS 3 speed countershaft transmission.
The rear wheels on the Mod are a set of old polished Whipstation aluminium rims with old Firestone 8 Ply Puller tires.
The Foreign Affairs is powered by 2 Lycoming T-53 L-11D turbines with 1100 hp each on kerosene. The Turboshaft turbines come out of the Bell UH-1 Huey Helicopter from the US Army. The first version of those T-53 turbines were built in 1955.
The Otte Pulling Team compete with their new toy in the Nebraska Bush Pullers Series and in the Outlaw Pulling Series this season.

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