Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The European Version of Bobcat Jr.

From Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands, the Screamin' Bobcat Pulling Team have built a second Bobcat Jr. for the 950kg / 2095lbs. Mini Modified class in Europe. But why have the Dutch Team decided to built another Mini Mod Tractor during the last winter?
Simply, normally the Screamin' Bobcat Team had the plan to drive with a new big Hemi powered Tractor in the Unlimited / Heavy Mod class in Europe, but the new Tractor wasn't ready for this season and the Team is known to run with 2 Tractors. They had some Bobcat Jr. Mini Chassis in stock and made another one ready for this season.
The differences between the European and the US Version are not very big, basiclly some things on the engine are different. The Tractor got a homemade chrome-moly tube frame with a homemade chrome-moly Rollcage, a self built steering, a sheet metal rear axle housing and light weight carbon fiber fenders from Gertie Leusink in Dronten, the Netherlands. PB Design made all the vinyl graphics for the new ride and Kooiker BV. made all the paintjob work on the Mini Mod.
The rear axle has a Ford 9´´ inch center section with a aluminium built diff, a billet ring and pinion gear, CNC-machined planetaries carrier housing with special made planetaries and special built brake discs with Willwood brake calipers. The completely rear axle come from Vampire Gears in Neede, the Netherlands.
Also the driveline and the single speed gearbox was built by Vampire Gears.
The Vehicle also received a Molinari 8" inch centrifugal clutch with a Browell aluminium bell housing and a set of new Real Wheel aluminium rims with new Pioneer Giant Puller tires. The new rims and tires were purchased by CM Pulling tires in the USA.
Next we are coming to the engine. The European version of the Bobcat Jr. is powered by a blown Sassy Racing V8 Hemi engine on methanol. The main difference on the power plant is the blower, the scoop and the cylinder heads. The Hemi has a 18-71 DMPE blower with a Enderle carbon fiber scoop and Veney heads.
The rest of the engine is the same as on the US Bobcat Jr, a BAE billet aluminium block with a Winberg crank, aluminium MGP rods and Sassy Racing pistons, a homemade fuel and oil tank, a dry dump lubrication with System 1 oil pump, a Sassy Racing fuel pump and fuel system, a Racepak data logger and a MSD 44 Pro Mag ignition.
The Screamin' Bobcat Team currently compete with their EU Bobcat Jr. in the NTTO Dutch Grand National Championship and hopes to drive under the Top 3 in Europe this year. 
All in all the first hooks of the new EU Bobcat Jr in front of the sledge were pretty good. On the first dutch Championship round in Stroe, driver Bart van der Sluis couldn't keep the Mini in bounds because of a brake problem on his single wheel brake system. At the last 4 Pulls in Holland they could finished always under the first 3 in the Mini Unlimited division. 

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