Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fail Video Extended and Why Did I Do One

So, I uploaded a video from our banquet that had some songs requested by the client.  They would have gotten any video blocked in the U.S., Canada, and world.  I laid down an EDM track that was free to use from YouTube.  They do this to cover up, songs or replace current songs with.  Needless to say, it was a flop.  A big-time flop!  I got called every name under the sun and the song garnered the worst kind of words no man, woman, or child should ever have to listen to.  It made me doubt everything I have been doing.  But as people in the entertainment business say, "Haters gonna hate!"

Why did I do a video on that in the first place?  I asked around and pullers said to do it.  And their reaction was awesome.  One puller told me years back, "I don't like it. I just see money going out the window."  I don't like roof leaks either, but they happen.  Maybe some EDM might make that more interesting too!  So why do, going back to the original question.  I have really kicked the idea around of getting out of the business altogether.  I mean six years and just wheel spin, no traction.  There has been one puller who will call me every few weeks to just say, "Hey, how are you doing?"  I have been focusing on Monster Trucks lately, just to shake things up.  The result has been numerous success.  The fail video was supposed to bring some new watchers to the channel.

My editing program wouldn't allow me to open older projects and this was at least a year old.  I will never upgrade again, EVER!  I say that now but after numerous attempts, the project finally opened.  As a way of apologizing to my short-sighted subscribers, I wanted to offer an extended fail clip without music and slow-motion replays another thing the watchers absolutely loathed entirely.

Some clips were signs getting knocked down violently, some were sled settings too loose, some were weight boxes not having rollers on them, some were explosions at the end.  The community on Facebook and YouTube seemed to have mostly positive things to say.  I tell everybody new to us and old friends, we consult with pullers all the time as to what to do and not.  No one could have told me how harshly the community would have responded to the first video.  A puller told me last night, I kind of liked it.  I did receive several comments online to that effect.

The result has been eye-opening.  It makes me believe that people truly appreciate horsepower, good footage, and thoughtful execution of editing.  One fellow asked me the other day, how much footage do you get an event and how long does it take to edit.  I told him each event yields about an hour and a half of footage and it takes roughly 10-15 hours to edit.  He asked me what my business needs and I said, "A money maker and a time maker.  You got either of those?"  He said, "I surely do not!"

Here is the viral video from Facebook.  The speakers at this event are few and they have the loudest roller on the planet.  There is nothing special about this video compared to any other videos.  I shared it literally 20 times.  But this will get us going on Facebook more.  We will have playlists, and plenty of full-length clips soon.  Remember Amazon Tube is coming soon as well.

We created our first Women's Tee.  It is introductory priced at $18 a shirt.  There is also a standard tee for the guys and mug for all my coffee and tea drinkers.  If you really like what, we do, help us out.

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