Wednesday, October 03, 2018

No Indoor Pulls for Team Lambada

The Lambada Pulling Team from Zwolle, in the Netherlands have announced on their facebook site, that they will not compete at the 2019 Indoor Pulls in Zwolle and Rotterdam. After a rough season with a lots of engine damages the Team decided for the upcoming winter to keep the focus on the maintenace on both Tractors to get more reliability in the next season.

here is the official statement:
 -No indoors for Team Lambada next winter-
Unfortunately we have to announce to our fans, sponsors, friends and promotors that we will not participate in the indoor pulls in 2019.
Last season was the toughest season for us in terms of maintenance and damage. We are very thankful we could finish the season with all the help we received.
We decided that both machines need a lot of maintenance and new parts to get more reliability in the next season.
Also we will use the extra time to find new sponsors, make new merchandise and start the Lambada VIP membership. Enough to work on.
We will keep you updated with posts during the winter time and hopefully we will see you in the next ourdoor season!

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