Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New 600kg Modified Pulling Tractor in Germany

From Sundern, in Germany the Schluckspecht Pulling Team around Alex Frickel and Stefan Heuel have built a completely new 600kg Modified Pulling Tractor during the last winter. Alex and Stefan are relatively new in the Pulling Sport. They started to built their Tractor in the spring of 2017. The vehicle also was completely built and constructed on CAD during the building process. But why they have decided to built a Tractor for the new 600kg Modified class?
Simply both financially and by the transport dimensions well negotiable and very free choice of drive concepts (in contrast to the 500kg Modified division).
The new Schluckspecht Modified Tractor received a homemade aluminium tube frame with a homemade steel rollcage, a self made steering with a special built steering gearbox by Raphael Rehbach (driver and owner of the 600kg Modified Tractor called ,,Master Piece") and a Suzuki Samurai rearend. The Suzuki Samurai rear axle was modified and got homemade cnc-milled 7075 aluminium planetaries carrier housing with ZF APL 1351 components and planetaries. All the new drivelines in the rear axle were machined of 42CrMoV4. The diff and the center section are still original, only the lubrication system of the diff was changed.
To keep the Tractor in bounds, the ride got a  single wheel brake system with Rimo Go Kart brake calipers and homemade brake rotors. The rear wheels are a set of Weld aluminium rims with new cut Mayhill Giant Puller tires from the USA. The new homemade fenders are made from aluminium.
Because of the weight, Stefan and Alex decided to built a homemade reverser for the 600kg Mod. The reverser has a aluminium housing with special made shafts and gears. Also the driveline from the reverser to the rear axle is homemade and received a aluminium protection tube. The clutch of the machine is a Quarter Master centrifugal clutch with a size of 7.25´´inch and 3 sinter metal discs. The clutch is covered by a self constructed steel bell housing.
The new Schluckspecht is powered by a 6 cylinder VW VR 6 engine with 2.8l displacement on methanol.
The power plant has a stock engine block with a revised VR6 cylinder head, a original camshaft, original valves and valve springs, a stock crank with original VW VR6 rods and pistons, a homemade aluminium intake manifold, a Garrett GT4088 R turbocharger, a self built stainless steel exhaust manifold, a OBX fuel pump, a homemade fuel system with a aeromotive pressure regulator and Bosch CNG electronic injectors, a homemade fuel tank, a original oil pump and a Ecumaster EMU control module.
For the future they have planned to built a spare engine for the Tractor with completely new and different parts in the engine.
In their first season, they learned a lot about the technic of the Tractor and the methanol system on the engine. But it wasn´t a damage free year for the new German Team. For the winter they will make on the current VW VR6 engine a lots of changes to get a better performance and more reliability out of the engine. For 2019, they have planned to compete on all German Championship rounds of the 600kg Modified division.

for further information and pics about the Team and the Tractor, check here:

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