Tuesday, November 06, 2018

The new Mr. Easy

The Giftzwerg Pulling Team around Rainer Berroth, Loris Matzka and Volker Hägele from Seifertshofen, in Germany have built a completely new BMW V8 powered 600kg Modified Tractor during the last 2 1/2 years. The German Team started with the building of their new project in 2016 and were ready with the new ride in the end of July 2018.
The Giftzwerg Team isn't a new Team in the Garden Pulling Sport. Volker Hägele and Rainer Berroth (former mechanics of the Museum  Kiemele Team) started with Garden Pulling in 1998 in the 500kg Stock class with ,,Robber USA´´. 2 years later they moved into the 500kg Modified division, the Suzuki Swift powered Tractor was called ,,Black Cat". In 2003 they built their 2nd 500kg Mod called ,,Mr. Easy". A few years later the Suzuki Swift engine on Mr. Easy was replaced by a more powerful Suzuki Hayabusa power plant. The last 2 seasons they started with an underpowered Tractor in 600kg Modified class and won surprisingly the German Championship crown in 2017. During that time the Team also worked on their new Tractor. Rainer, Loris and Volker decided to built a new 600kg Mod because it is a new class in Germany and the engine limits offers more possibilities.
The new 600kg Mod has a new homemade 24CrMo4 tube frame with a homemade 24CrMo4 rollcage, a new built hitch, a Fiat Cinquecnto steering, homemade aluminium fenders and a Mercedes Benz 309 rearend.
The Mercedes Benz rear axle was shortened and has still the 309 center section.The most of the parts in the rear axle are costum made. The rear axle got a special built ring and pinion gear with a revised Mercedes 309 differential, billet shafts, Mercedes Benz 123 drum brakes and Massey Ferguson 35 planetaries carrier housing with MF 35 planetaries. Also the drivetrain was completely new constructed. The vehicle also has a planetaries gearbox with a homemade 30mm X38CrMo5 driveline to the rear axle, a self built steel clutch bell housing and a 8´´inch Kaiser Performance centrifugal clutch with 2 discs. The planetaries gearbox comes out of the 600kg Compact Diesel Tractor called ,,JD Magic´´ and was attached directly behind the clutch bell housing.
For the optimum grip, the German Team purchased a set of new polished aluminium rims with new Dick Cepek Garden Puller tires from Denmark.
The new Mr. Easy is powered by a naturally aspirated BMW E38 V8 engine with 4l capacity on gas fuel.
The power plant comes out of an BMW 740i road car. The V8 engine has the original BMW block with stock sleeves, a original crankshaft with original rods and pistons, overhauled BMW E38 heads with stock camshafts, original valves and valve springs, homemade exhaust headers, a original intake manifold, a Bosch fuel pump, a self welded aluminium fuel tank, a stock BMW oil pump with a Kaiser Performance oil filter, a original ignition and a freely programmable control module.
The new Garden Puller made its maiden voyage in Viersen, Germany in August this year. After 2 nice runs, driver Loris Matzka finished on a well deserved 3rd place in the end. A great start for a completely new Tractor. Defnetly the highlight of the season was the last pull of the season in Schlechtenwegen. They won the last German Championship round of the year with a 1.89m gap over the 2018 German Champion Blue Attraction.
All in all, the Team from Seifertshofen was happy with their first pulls in the end of the season and looking forward to 2019.  

for further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/gp.team.giftzwerg.mr.easy/


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