Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Wild Toy Team stops !

After 13 years in Mini Modified Pulling, the Wild Toy Pulling Team around Jorgen Lauridsen from Spjald, in Denmark have decided to stop with the Tractor Pulling Sport in the end of the season. The Danish Team announced their retirement last Friday on facebook. In 13 years of Pulling, they won amazing 9 Danish Championship title with their Mini called ,,Wild Toy´´. The Wild Toy Team was formed in 2005. In 2005 they bought the old Keith Black V8 powered Mini called ,,Blower Power´´ of Asbjorn Herikstadt and Glenn Bjorheim from Varhaug, in Norway. The Team won with this machine 5 titles between 2005 and 2013. In 2014 the old chassis with the Firestone tires was replaced by a newer tube chassis with Cepek tires. Jorgen and his Team purchased the chassis with the set of Cepek tires from Daniel Hollmann (Now or Never) in Gussenstadt, Germany. The first season with the new machine was a learning year to understand how the new Chassis and the new Cepek tires are working. But after that year, they won another 4 back to back Championships in Denmark.
The Wild Toy made it´s final apperance at the European Championship in Alphen, the Netherlands this year, were they finished in 11th. It's definitely a lost in the Danish and European Pulling Sport. They always had an open ear for questions by the spectators and were always very open and friendly to everyone !

We would also like to give a big thanks to the Team for the support during the last years and wish the whole Team good luck for the future ! 

Here is the official statement of the Team:
We hereby announce that for various reasons we have chosen to stop within tractor pulling.
It has not been an easy decision at all and we had not expected / hoped it was now. On the other hand, we are looking forward to concentrating on other things.
We can look back at 13 years with many experiences at home and abroad and not least 9 Danish championships, which we are very pleased with. All the good experiences we will take with us wherever we end.
We will thank our sponsors and helpers over the years, without you having not achieved what we have.
Thank you to your audience who have followed us over the years and have come across for a chat to the rallies and to you who followed us via the website and Facebook.
With the tractor (IKEA model), it's still unclear where it ends, but whatever, we hope others get as many good hours and experiences with the one we've had.
We will 31st of December close the website and facebook page down.
Once again thank you for all who have contributed to our success and all positive experiences.

Best regards
Lone and Jørgen
Team Wild Toy

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