Wednesday, December 05, 2018

David P. Schreier announces retirement

From NTPA:

World Pulling International President and Chief Executive Officer David P. Schreier announced his upcoming retirement at the National Tractor Pullers Association's 48th annual Convention and Awards Banquet. The statement came at the end of his opening remarks on Saturday, December 1.
"I will step down from the WPI Executive Board at the March 2019 WPI annual meeting," Schreier told the gathering of competitors, promoters, sponsors, NTPA personnel, and families. "I will retire as Chief Executive Officer on June 1, 2019."
Schreier had informed the WPI/NTPA office staff and Executive Boards of his intentions in private meetings prior to the banquet.
"I'm confident that Gregg [Randall, NTPA General Manager] and the staff, with the support of the WPI and NTPA Boards, will carry it forward and maintain the position that we have in the motorsports industry."
Schreier was elected the first president of the Executive Board of WPI, the holding company formed in 1985 to operate the NTPA. Originally chartered in 1969 to bring uniform competition and safety rules to the nascent motorsport, the Association had by the mid-1980s incurred debts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Aided by shares purchased by individual benefactors, member states, and other organizations, the privately held corporation raised funds to repay the Association's creditors and repair relationships with competitors, promoters, and insurers. Now financially sound, the NTPA sanctions approximately 200 sessions of national and state-level competition each season.
"[There were some] rough years early, and there were a lot of people who didn't agree with a lot of things. But we kept at it, kept doing what we felt was right, and kept moving ahead. And I think where we stand today proves that we are on the right track and stand as the top organization in all of pulling."
WPI remains its parent company as the NTPA enters its 50th season of competition, meaning that Schreier will have been its leader for over two thirds of its existence.
"I want to sincerely thank the office staff, and all the past staff members, for their dedicated hard work and support. Thank you to the shareholders, the promoters, the officials, the sponsors, the member states, and especially all the present and past competitors and their families for their support of NTPA pulling.
"I want to thank my loving wife Christine," Schreier concluded, "for all her support and understanding throughout the 34 years."

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