Monday, December 31, 2018

New Super Stock of the Linville Pulling Team

From Osgood, Indiana in the USA, the Linville Pulling Team around Zach and Chris Linville are currently building on a new John Deere 4840 Component Light Super Stock Tractor on alcohol.
The Linville family has been pulling for a long time. Zach´s great grandfather Gordon and grandfather Roger started with pulling antiques, then his dad Chris pulling Farm Stock Tractors, all the way up to two Light Pro Stocks ran by Zach and Chris. Up until the new build Chris was pulling a John Deere 4020 named "Old School in the Light Pro class. Zach drove his own tractor, a John Deere 4320 named "The Only Way I Know".  They had some success running in Indiana and Kentucky but started to have issues with the tractors (chassis, turbo's, injector pumps, etc.). The family farming and Zach working as a mechanic, two tractors was getting to be too much to take care of. At the same time Zach and Chris wanted to be able to move up and run in the NTPA National Circuit. They decided to build a Light Super Stock. They were able to sell both Light Pro's and buy a used chassis to started to built a new Tractor in which Chris and Zach will share the driving duties.
The Team purchased for their new project a used Full Pull Motorsports chassis and some adjustments were later made on it. 
The new Light Super Stock got a used Full Pull Motorsports chrome-moly tube frame with Full Pull Motorsports air bag front end, a Full Pull Motorsports built hydraulic steering, new GMS built weight brackets, a GMS chrome-moly rollcage with a Kirkey Racing seat and a Full Pull Motorsports sheet metal rear axle housing.
The Tractor received a John Deere 4840 hood with aluminium sheet metal built side shields and aluminium sheet metal built fenders with original John Deere 4840 parts. The hood isn´t original anymore, they have recreated the 4840 hood out off carbon fiber. The new hood is much lighter than the original John Deere sheet metal hood. Only the side grids are original John Deere parts on the hood. Like on the old John Deere lawn mower tractors, the carbon fiber hood can be opened for engine checks forward.
All the changes on the chassis and the completely sheet metal work were done by the employees of the Gene´s Machine Shop (GMS) in Hamilton, Ohio. After those changes the chassis was painted by the Team himself.
In the sheet metal rear axle housing are a lots of good high performance pulling parts from Humpco.
The rear axle received a Humpco billet aluminium center section, a billet Humpco aluminium differential with a special made ring and pinion gear, aluminium planetaries carrier housing with special made Humpco planetaries and billet Full Pull Motorsports aluminium brake calipers with Full Pull Motorsports brake rotors. 
The Linville Pulling Team purchased for their new Light Super Stock project a set of used polished Midwest aluminium rims with cut Firestone Puller 2000 HP tires. The tires are 1 year old and were resharpened at CM Pulling tires in Reynolds, Indiana. The John Deere will get no transmission, only a Humpco reverser with a GMS custom built driveline to the centrifugal clutch of the power plant.
The Light Super Stock will have a completely new built 504cui alky fired 6 cylinder GMS push rod engine with a 3 charger setup. The power plant receive a bored up cast iron engine block with a billet Indy aluminium cylinder head, a GMS built intake and exhaust manifold, 3 billet turbocharger, a GMS front drive pump assembly, a MSD ignition and a Racepak data logger.
The new push rod engine will completely assembled at the Gene´s Machine Shop in Hamilton, Ohio.
The maiden run of the new JD Component Light Super Stock of the Linville Pulling Team is planned for the spring / summer 2019.

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