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,,Project X´´ the new Component Super Stock in Holland

,,Project X´´ that´s the name of a new John Deere Component Super Stock project from the Netherlands. The tractor is a project between a not unknown Pro Stock Pulling Team and a Man who manufactured pulling parts for other Teams in Europe since many years. But who are the people behind this new Super Stock machine?
The new tractor is a collaboration between the Runaway Deer´ Pulling Team around Jos, Wilco and Paul Broeks from Raalte, in the Netherlands and Charles Koebrugge from Markvelde, in the Netherlands. The Runaway Deer´ Pulling Team around the 3 Broeks brothers own a John Deere 7920 Component Pro Stock Tractor with a turbocharged 8.3l 6 cylinder engine on diesel fuel. They won with this tractor a lots of national pulls in the Netherlands and the European Championship title in 2014. Charles Koebrugge is the owner of the company called ,,KMB Koebrugge Metaal Bewerking B.V.´´ in Hengevelde, the Netherlands. His company ,,KMB´´ is a modern supply company, specializing in single piece manufacture to serial work. The main activity of his company is the production and processing of new and existing mechanical components, mostly machine parts, in the most diverse types of metal and plastic. In the past he has built a lots of different pulling parts in his machine shop for other Pulling Teams in Europe. He´s building pulling parts for the Runaway Deer´ Pulling Team, Zeinstra Pulling Team and many other Teams.
For the new project they have purchased a complete chassis including with the rear axle and the transmission from the USA. The team who drove with the chassis in the past isn´t unknown here in Europe, they were invited as the US guestpullers at the European Superpull in 2017. The used chassis comes from the Agco DT 225 Super Stock Open Tractor called ,,Galot 1´´ of the Galot Pulling Team from Benson, North Carolina. Driver and crew chief Brent Payne from Hamilton, Ohio finished in runner up place with the tractor in the 2018 NTPA Grand National Champinonship, 6 points behind his team mate John Strickland, from Clinton, North Carolina with Galot 2. The Chassis has a custom made tube frame with a custom built rollcage, a Kirkey Racing seat, a hydraulic power steering and a sheet metal rearend. The sheet metal rear axle has a billet Humpco aluminium center section with a billet Humpco differential, a special made ring and pinion gear, special made shafts and Franklin planetaries carrier housing with Humpco planetaries. The chassis was built by Brent Payne and the people in his company called Gene´s Machine Shop in Hamilton, Ohio.
The transport of the Galot Chassis from the US to the Netherlands was arranged by Braakman Service and Parts from Laren, in the Netherlands.
The new Component tractor will get a new John Deere 7230R hood from the current John Deere 7R series. The new rear fenders for the vehicle come from K&K Specialties in the USA. The Team will do the sheet metal work on the chassis and the hood in the Runaway Deer´ workshop in Raalte. The Super Stock also will have a Profab transmission with a billet driveline to the engine and a centrifugal clutch with a homemade fly wheel. The Firestone Puller 2000 HP tires with the Midwest aluminium rims on the pictures of the Tractor come from the Rising Star Pulling Team. They have borrowed the wheels just for measurements. Which brand of tires and rims the Super Stock will later receive is currently not yet decided.
The new Project X will have an methanol fired 6 cylinder John Deere 6076 engine with 10.5l displacement and a 4 turbocharger setup. The block of the engine comes from a 180hp John Deere tractor and has a original displacement of 7.6l. The block was machined on a CNC-milling machine in Charles Koebrugge´s machine shop and the cylinder bore was bored up to 1.75l. Almost all engine parts in and on the power plant are special made.
The engine gets a machined John Deere 6466 cast iron block with homemade steel sleeves, a machined billet steel crankshaft, homemade aluminuim rods and pistons, a used VSP billet aluminium cylinder head from the Zeinstra Pulling Team, a billet camshaft, 4 turbocharger, a homemade CNC-milled engine plate, a methanol fuel injection system, a sheet metal fuel tank, a aluminium oil pan and a data logger system. Which turbocharger, intake and exhaust manifold, fuel pump, oil pump and data logger system the engine will get isn´t currently known.
The engine should make around 3500 - 4000hp and will built up together with the support of the Zeinstra Pulling Team from Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.
The Dutch team currently working hard to get the Tractor ready for the upcoming season. The drivers of the new Super Stock also were announced on their facebook page a few weeks ago. Charles Koebrugge and the 16 years old Remco Broeks will share the drivers duties on the machine. The Broeks brothers and Charles Koebrugge have registered the new tractor in the NTTO Grand National Championship for next year. The maiden voyage of the new Project X John Deere Component Super Stock Tractor is planned for the 2019 season.

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