Friday, December 21, 2018

Q & A with Dirk Wessel

Dirk Wessel, 38 years old from Füchtorf, in Germany. Dirk is a crew member of the Green Monster Pulling Team and one of the driver of the twin Allison V12 powered Modified Tractors called ,,Green Monster Stage 4´´ and ,,Green Monster 5 Mitas Edition´´. He´s the man behind the technical stuff on the Tractors and makes a part of the construction and CAD work of the Team. Dirk Wessel also won the 2018 European Championship title in the 5500lbs. / 2.5t Light Modified division with ,,Green Monster 5 Mitas Edition´´ What are you doing in your normal life?
Dirk Wessel: I`m working as a purchaser, focused on technical equipment and engineering solutions for a company called ,,Aumann AG´´ What do you like to do in your free time, except Tractor Pulling?
Dirk Wessel: I like to spend my free time with my girlfriend, family & friends and I enjoy sports like mountain biking running and skiing. What do you like about Tractor Pulling?
Dirk Wessel: I like the technical side of the sport. You got some ideas and as long as you work within the rulebook you can do whatever you want.  There is also a great community in the sport, first you have some serious competition on the track and after that you drink some beer and have a nice time with other teams / people. What was your first Tractor Pulling event?
Dirk Wessel: I only know it was my home pull in Füchtorf (Germany) but I can`t remember the year. Must be 1984-1985. At that time my family lives next door to the Green Monster workshop. What is your favourite Event / Pulling track?
Dirk Wessel: Füchtorf (D) is my favorite Pulling event because it`is our home pull. It's so nice to see all the spectators and friends at the home pull. But there are many other pulls I like …
My favorite track? I think I have to say Alphen (NL), we won two European Championships on that track. But I also like other tracks as long as we find traction…. When and where do you have driven a Pulling Tractor for the first time?
Dirk Wessel: It was in 1996 in Seifertshofen (Germany) it was the first Season we start with the Green Monster II in the Light Mod class. What was your biggest success?
Dirk Wessel: Personally: Driving the Mitas Green Monster V this year on the European Championship and take the win in the Light Mod.
Generally: Every victory with the Team on the old Allison engines. I think we work hard to get those tractors competitive and make some good and unique development on the engines / chassis and drivelines. Which Pulling classes do you like too?
Dirk Wessel: Of course all Modified classes. But also the Unlimited Minipullers and Super Stocks. What was your biggest disappointment?
Dirk Wessel: During the years I have a lot disappointments. Things didn`t always work the way you expect them… But I think that is normal in Pulling. Which things must be changed in the future of the Tractor Pulling sport?
Dirk Wessel: I think we need a clear schedule for the future. Specially in the Modified classes. Maybe we have to reduce them to only 2 Classes on top Level (Light and Heavy) and one national class for beginners with a lower budget….
In Europe the national associations should work closer together and they have to follow the same schedule. Right now every association is working on its own future Plans. What are your plans for the future in Tractor Pulling?
Dirk Wessel: Continue with the work on the tractors to get them better and better. There are so many little things we can work on…. enough for the next decade ;-). 
And having a nice time with people I like! What was for you the most important moment in the sport?
The maiden run on the Green Monster V Mitas Edition in Füchtorf (D). Not really successful at that day but we show everyone that we are able to get the twin Allison into the Light Mod class. What was your favourite Pulling Tractor project in the workshop during a winter?
Dirk Wessel: Building up the Mitas Green Monster V. We started engineering and calculating one year before. The weight calculation was at the edge and we tried to build everything as light as possible….
We worked with titanium and other special materials for the first time and used 3D Rapid Prototyping  and FEM calculations to get weight optimized parts.
That`s exactly the reason why I like tractor Pulling. Have an idea and start working on it! Something you want to say?  
Dirk Wessel: Thank`s to all the support we got. And keep up with the good public relations you make on pullingworld. Thank you for your time and good luck for the furture ! 

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