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No Mercy 3.0

In the beginning of May 2018, we have reported about the purchase of a new Ironboy Mini Modified Sled by Bertus Boer in the USA. Today we are looking a little bit on the technic of the new No Mercy 3.0 Mini Sled from the Netherlands.
We remember to 2011, Philip Fairbanks came over to Europe with his Mini Mod called ,,Original Rat Poison´´ and the Dingerink Family returned after a season in the USA with their new Mini called ,,Gencom Lambada 7´´ to the Netherlands, two Minis with really high horsepower engines.
During the 2011 season it was clearly to see, the No Mercy 2.0 Sled needs some changes to stop those tractors. Also after the Dingerink / Fairbanks battle during the season was clear for all now, that the class running in the future on the same level like in the USA. During the next 3 years the horsepower on all Mini Mods in the Netherlands and Europe grow dramatically and it was to see the current No Mercy 2.0 Sled was too light for some of those current Mini rockets. The No Mercy Team already had for a quite long time the idea to built a completely new Mini Modified Sled, but the main problem was the lack of time to built a own new sled for the high horsepower Mini Mod Tractors in the Netherlands and Europe.
In September 2017 came the official report that an investor (Bertus Boer) wanted to make an order for a new Ironboy Mini Mod Sled in the US with the question, whether the No Mercy Team want to look after the new one. After they had an evening talk with Bertus Boer, they have agreed to operate and maintain the new sled during the whole season.
In January 2018, the No Mercy Pulling Sled Team together with Helma and Bertus Boer made a trip to the NTPA Winter Nationals in Cloverdale, Indiana, USA to look at an Ironboy Sled from Vaughn Bauer (Bauer Built Mfg) and to discuss which things the new sled should receive. They could get some wishes installed in the sled, and also leave off things that are not allowed in Europe. With those possibilities the Dutch Team also could build some things yourself in their workshop. But why are some things not allowed in Europe? Easy after the deadly accident of Jan van Alphen in Great Eccleston, England 2007 we have some strict rules and regulations for the sleds in Europe. Each sled in Europe need a European spec kill switch system, a box movement control (BMC) system, fail safe box brakes, a crashbox on the weight box (like on the Belgium sled called ,,De Stille Genieter´´) or a buffer system, where is mounted on the front end of the frame on the sled (like on the Red Shadow Sleds from Germany) and many other things. Also every year, every sled in Europe will inspected by the ETPC SIT (Sledge Inspection Team) whether all systems working properly.
After a 5 weeks journey across the pond on the ship in a high cube container, the new sled finally arrived in Holland on the 22nd of May 2018. The new No Mercy 3.0 sled is completely different to his older brother called ,,No Mercy 2.0.´´ The new sled is bigger and longer, heavier, the frame is completely different built, the weight box is bigger, has two axles, a drivers cab, a different gearbox, a different steering system, a push down system like a big sled and a lots of other things. The new No Mercy 3.0 is a self propelled sled who is powered by a turbocharged 4 cylinder air- intercooled Deutz engine. The both front wheels on the pan are for the steering of the sled. After every pull the front wheels can be folded out hydraulically and the the driver can steer the sled back to the starting position on the track. Back at the start, the wheels will folded in again. The drivers cab comes from a 3000 Series John Deere Tractor. As drive for the weight box has the sled a Profab 6 speed transmission and a 2 speed  Eaton axle. They can choose between 12 different gears for the speed of the weight box. For driving, the sled has a Chevrolet 3 speed automatic transmission. The empty weight of the sled is 6.4t / 14110lbs and fully loaded a weight of 9.6t / 21164lbs. The completely sled without the safety devices was built by Vaughn Bauer and his Team of Bauer Built Mfg. in Paton, Iowa, USA.
Shortly after the Ironboy Sled was arrived in the workshop, the Team started directly with the building of the kill switch system, the weight box movement control system, the fail safe box brakes and the crashbox on the weight box. The crashbox on the sled was calculated, constructed and built by the Belgian company called ,,Stuer Egghe´´ from Sint-Niklaas. Stuer Egghe also owns the sleds called ,,De Stille Genieter´´ and ,,Dinosaurus´´. The rest of the safety systems were built by the No Mercy Team.
The maiden run of the new No Mercy 3.0 Sled normally was planned for the Dutch Championship Pull in Lochem 2018, but that didn't work out. Around 4 weeks later, the sled was finally ready for the first real test, at the final Dutch Championship round of the Mini Mod division in Alphen, the Netherlands. It was a good premiere, all the Teams were satisfied with the sled and the setting. 2019 will be another learning year for the Team, it´s planned to brake the Mini Mod tractors at all Dutch Championship rounds and maybe also on some other pulls in Europe. The No Mercy Pulling Sled Team also hopes to get the ETPC Gold Level classification for the sled next year.
With the ETPC Gold Level classification, they can stop the tractors also on the Euro Cup rounds and the the European Championships.

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