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Q & A with Tom Esselink

Tom Esselink 26 years old from Lochem, in the Netherlands. Tom is the driver of the Fendt 936 Component Super Stock Tractor called ``Hurricane´´. He´s the son of the multiple Dutch Champion and European Champion Gerrit Esselink. What are you doing in your normal life?
Tom Esselink: I work in my dad's company called ``EMB Metaalbewerking´´, we are working with four people. I am responsible for the milling and turning with our STYLE CNC Machines. What do you like to do in your free time, except Tractor Pulling?
Tom Esselink: I play volleyball twice a week, like to go out with my girlfriend and friends for some beers. I am interested in motorsports, especially in formula 1. I am a big fan and skip no race and follow all the latest news. (Excited about the RedBullHonda/Verstappen combination this year) What do you like about Tractor Pulling?
Tom Esselink: The power and speed. Also the way you can follow your own idea about things. I like to go from an idea, to design, to the analysis, to the production and the testing on the track What was your first Tractor Pulling event?
Tom Esselink: Earlier than I can realize. Since I was born, I always support my dad along the tracks. What is your favourite Event / Pulling track? 
Tom Esselink: Of course our home pull in Lochem (NL). But I also like Eext (NL) in Drenthe. A small town with still the competition on the highest level. When and where do you have driven a Pulling Tractor for the first time?
Tom Esselink: The first time behind the wheel was during Indoor Tractor Pulling event in Zwolle (NL) 2015. My dad asked me a several times earlier. I always answered, first the tractor must be good running (a lot of problems in the beginning), then I will have a try to run it. It was by the way not a good idea to run for your first time besides a concrete wall. I was impressed by the power and my safety belt settings were to soft. So it was not a great success. What was your biggest success?
Tom Esselink: My first win during the Beach Pull Putten (NL) 2017. In a total chaotic Super Stock class, we kept our head cool and dealed with the conditions. I made two good passes to the win. Also the 3rd place finish at the EC Zele (B) 2013 was a big success for us as team. Finally our first success with the gray Fendt after all the trouble in the years before. Which Pulling classes do you like too?
Tom Esselink: Especially the Limited Super Stock class, Compact Diesels and the Super Sport / Farm Stock classes. What was your biggest disappointment?
Tom Esselink: I don’t have one special moment, sometimes you are very busy with designing and making parts close to the deadline. Than you run it and it breaks in the first 50 meters of the track. On that moment it’s the best to leave tractorpulling for what it is, and go on with other things. Which things must be changed in the future of the Tractor Pulling sport?
Tom Esselink: Keep the safety in mind, especially with the speed and power of nowadays. Also the tractor pulling show must be faster, that’s one of good points of the American way of tractor pulling. What are your plans for the future in Tractor Pulling?
Tom Esselink: Bring the Hurricane back to the top, with following your own path. What was for you the most important moment in the sport?
Tom Esselink: Not the best thing to put here, but for me it is the accident with Jan van Alphen. I was at home when I heard it. Sometimes when I am preparing for my run close for the pull, it keep it in mind and think about the risks. What was your favourite Pulling Tractor project in the workshop during a winter?
Tom Esselink: Improving our tractor. I spend a lot of time behind the computer with simulating and analyzing what there in happening in our tractor. I don’t have one special project. I am always busy with the kind of forces and torques there are in our tractor and how to deal with it. Something you want to say?
Tom Esselink: Go on with the pullingworld page, you guys are doing great work. Last but not least I hope to see everybody during Tractor Pulling Lochem (NL) 2019 on the 2nd and 3th of August! Thank you for your time and good luck this season ! 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Never Done New is ready

Also ready to run is the new John Deere Component Limited Super Stock Tractor called ``Never Done New´´ of Soren Lüchan Hansen from Arnum, in Denmark. After around 2 years of work, the new Limited Super Stock was finally ready for the Indoor Pull in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The new machine has a chrome-moly tube frame with a chrome-moly rollcage, a Kirkey Racing seat, a hydraulic steering and a sheet metal rearend. The chassis with the rearend comes from the old Ford 9600 Component Super Stock Tractor called ``Rabbit Gn Mad´´ of Hendrik Svenningsen from Denmark. The complete chassis and the sheet metal rearend were built by the company ``ACE Chassis´´ from Cottontown, Tennessee, USA in 2011.
The new tractor received a John Deere 8310 sheet metal hood and a set of John Deere sheet metal fenders. The John Deere 8010 series tractors were produced from 1999-2002. All the sheet metal work, like the side shields of the hood and the sheet metal coverings around the chassis were done by a local US Car workshop in Denmark.
The ACE Chassis rearend has a Rockwell center section, a Rockwell diff with a Rockwell ring and pinion gear, billet spindles, Franklin magnesium planetaries carrier housing with billet Franklin planetaries and Engler Machine & Tool billet aluminium brake calipers with ACE Chassis brake rotors. Soren Lüchan Hansen has mounted on his new John Deere a set of new Keizer Wheel aluminium rims with new Firestone Puller 2000 HP 24.5-32 tires.
The new vehicle also got a used Profab reverser with a ACE Chassis billet drive shaft, a 11´´ inch centrifugal clutch with 4 discs and a Browell aluminium clutch bell housing.
The new Limited Super Stock is powered by a turbocharged 6 cylinder 7800 John Deere engine with 7.6l / 464cui. on methanol fuel. Willem Veldhuizen of Veldhuizen Special Products (VSP) from Loosdrecht, in the Netherlands has built the new John Deere engine for the new Never Done New.
The new power plant received a machined JD 7800 engine block with new Darton sleeves, a new VSP billet steel crankshaft with VSP billet aluminium rods and pistons, a revised JD 4455 cylinder head with a billet / grinded VSP camshaft, a VSP built intake and exhaust manifold, a billet Holset HX82 turbocharger with a 4.25´´ inch intake impeller wheel by VSP, a VSP alcohol fuel injection system with a VSP fuel pump, a VSP built sheet metal fuel tank and oil pan, 3 Aviaid oil pumps (2 for the engine and 1 for the turbocharger), a RPM datalogger and MSD 8 ignition.
A few days before the Indoor Pull in Zwolle, Soren went with his new Limited Super Stock to the VSP workshop in Loosdrecht. There were put the ready engine into the chassis, the completely fuel system was built up and all the electric of the power plant was wired. After that the engine was started for the first time in the workshop. After everything was ready, Soren and Willem went with the new Limited Super Stock on Thursday evening to Zwolle to make a test pass in front of the sled. Willem made the maiden voyage with the new Never Done New and the tractor ran pretty well for the first time. The run ended with a fireball under hood, but the fire was very fast extinguished. Willem and Soren were pleased with first test pass of the new tractor. The fire was triggered out by a bent cover, on the place where the water pump was sitting. The problem was solved with a new cover and an o'ring seal. After the run on Thursday, the setting of the 6 cylinder JD power plant was adjusted. On Saturday, Soren made on his new toy his first pass. The tractor ran again pretty good but the 8310 John Deere was a bit too light on the front end and the machine rocked up at the end of the pull. 80.27m was the first official distance for the new Limited Super Stock, which was enough for the 5th place. The Dane was happy with his first run and looking forward to the 2019 season. Soren Lüchan Hansen will compete with his new machine in the Danish Championship and maybe on some other pulling events in Europe this season.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Photos European Superpull Ahoy (Rotterdam - NL) 2019 - by Jan Lo - Tractor-Pulling Media

!Ahoy - Rotterdam (NL) 2019!


Photos by Jan Lo - Tractor-Pulling Media
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Modifieds + Unlimiteds European Superpull Ahoy 2019 by MrJo



Thursday, March 14, 2019

The new Destiny

In 2017, the T Valt Met Pulling Team from Vaassen in the Netherlands started with the building of their new Valtra Limited Super Stock Tractor, after 2 years of hard work the Component Tractor is ready now. Back to 2015, Gabriel and Roy ter Hoeven began with the planning and the construction of their new vehicle on the computer. In those first 2 years, the new Valtra was completely constructed and developed on CAD and 3D. During the development the Team also started with the parts sourcing for the new Limited Super Stock and purchased a lots of good used parts.
The new Component Tractor got a completely new homemade 25CrMo4 tube frame with a new homemade 25CrMo4 rollcage, a Rockwell rear axle housing, a self built hydraulic steering and a new constructed drawbar.
For the new ride they decided to use a new Valtra T174 hood and new Valtra T174 fenders of the current Valtra T Series.  
The aluminium sheet metal work around the new frame and the Valtra hood were mostly done by the Team in the workshop of the company called ``W&M Engineering", in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. After all the sheet metal work was finished, the hood, the fenders and all the sheet metal parts went to Spuiterij Gerrits B.V from Vaassen to get the paintjob. The whole chassis will receive his paintjob in the end of the year. 
The rear wheels on the new tractor are a set of used Midwest aluminium rims with cut Firestone 24.5 x 32 All Traction Puller tires. The Midwest rims with the Firestone Puller tires were purchased from the Mud Patrol Pulling Team from Alphen, in the Netherlands.
The Rockwell rear axle housing in the chassis is shortened and received a Rockwell SQHD center section with a Powerdiff differential, a special made ring and pinion gear and Franklin magnesium planetaries carrier housing with Franklin planetaries.
In the new drivetrain they are using a SCS reverser with a homemade drive shaft from the reverser to the clutch, a 11" inch 3 disc Crower centrifugal clutch with a homemade steel fly wheel and a Mr. Gaskett steel clutch bell housing.
The most of the parts for the rear axle and the drivetrain bought the Dutch Team from John van Alphen (Popeye Pulling Team) in Bladel.
The new Destiny is powered by a 6 cylinder Sisu engine with one turbocharger and 7l displacement on alcohol fuel. The power plant was completely new rebuilt and received a machined Sisu cast iron engine block with new Darton sleeves, a new counterweighted Sisu crankshaft with new VSP (Veldhuizen Special Products) billet aluminium rods and pistons, a revised 24 valve Sisu cylinder head, new Sisu valves and stronger valve springs, a new billet steel camshaft from Jan Burggraf (New Generation Pulling Team), new cnc-milled valve covers made by ,,Metaal Techniek Apeldoorn B.V, a homemade stainless steel intake and exhaust manifold, a billet Holset HX82 turbocharger with a homemade intake and exhaust impeller wheel, a self built stainless steel fuel tank, a VSP alcohol fuel injection system with a Waterman fuel pump, a self built aluminium oil pan, a Aviaid oil pump, a MSD 6 Plus ignition and a AIM data logger with dashboard and HD camera. The new data logger has a GPS module, different pressure sensors (for turbo, fuel and oil pressure), different temperature sensors from Veldhuizen Special Products (to measure the exhaust temperature of every single cylinder) and a LCU lambda control module. In a few weeks, the T Valt Met Pulling Team also will become a supplier of AIM data logger systems for Tractor Pulling. All Valtra parts what they have used for the Limited Super Stock come from the Agricultural Machinery parts dealer "Leemac Re-use tractor parts" from Liessel, in the Netherlands.
The maiden run in front of the crowd was planned for the Indoor Pull in Zwolle. Two days before the event, the Team together with Willem Veldhuizen wanted to make a test pass in front of the sled in Zwolle. But the bolt from the control of the thrust bearing was broken. All of this had a considerable impact on the rest of the drivetrain. Among other things, the drive shaft was twisted to the reverser and both half shafts in the rear axle were twisted too. In this short time it wasn't possible to fixed the damage. The Team will make some improvements in the drivetrain and then the problem should be solved.
The Dutch Team will compete on all Dutch Championship rounds and on some other Pulling events in Europe this year.
The official maiden voyage of the new Valtra Limited  Super Stock Tractor is planned for the 4th of May 2019 at the NTTO National Pull in Oud Gastel, the Netherlands.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The new Little X from Denmark

The X Pulling Team from Bredebro, in Denmark are currently building a new 2095lbs / 950kg V8 powered Mini Modified Tractor. After 2 seasons with the old Little X Mini Mod and a lots of wild rides on the Cepek tires, they decided to built a completely new Mini Modified Tractor in spring of 2017. The Danish Team choose the way to built a Mini with much more power who could compete in the Euro Cup in the near future. Another plan with the new tractor is to compete in the field of the best half of Europe. The difference between the old and the new one will be very large. The old tractor was powered by Oldsmobile V8 engine and had a old steel tube frame, who was over 20 years old. The new Mini will have a brand new tube frame with a planetary rearend and a much more powerful BAE V8 Hemi engine. After the old Little X was sold to a new Team in Denmark in the winter of 2017, the X Pulling Team started to built the new Mini rocket. They asked Emil and Olof Roth of the Nasty Toy Pulling Team from Ljungbyhed in Sweden if they want to built the new chassis for the new Little X. Short and sweet, Emil and Olof built the new chassis with the rear axle for the Team in 4 months. The new chassis was delivered out to the Team at the 2017 Euro Cup in Brande, Denmark.
The new chassis has a Docol tube frame with a Docol Rollcage, a aluminium racing seat built by Dennis Juhl from the Oil Addict Pulling Team, a new homemade rack and pinion steering and a Dana 60 rearend with billet parts from TRB Machine Inc. in the USA and special made parts from Emil Roth in Sweden. The drivers position and the engine on the new chassis are much more forward and the center gravity is lower then on the old Mini Mod. Also the new chassis is much lighter, which give the Team more opportunities for moveable weight on the Tractor. The X Team hopes to get a better balance with the Pioneer Giant Puller tires with those changes.
The Dana 60 rearend has a modified Dana 60 center section with a TRB billet aluminium diff, a TRB special made ring and pinion gear, billet aluminium planetaries carrier housing with special made planetaries and a new single wheel brake system with Willwood brake calipers and steel brake rotors. The planetaries and the carrier housing on the rear axle were manufactured by Emil Roth from Sweden too. The rear axle comes from the old Swedish Mini Modified Tractor called ``Nasty Toy´´ of Emil and Olof Roth. The Danish guys purchased the axle with the old Nasty Toy 1 chassis in 2016 and dismantled the axle out off the wedge frame. They sold later the old chassis with the cage somewhere further to a Team in Great Britain.
The drivetrain of the Mini Mod also will be new. The drivetrain will have a new Vampire Gears 2 speed gearbox with a new homemade drive shaft from the gearbox to the rear axle, a 10´´ inch MRP Racing centrifugal clutch with 3 discs and a Trick Titanium clutch bell housing.
The X Team bought a set of used polished Real Wheel aluminium rims with almost new Pioneer Giant Puller tires for the new Mini Mod. The Pioneer tires were purchased from the Redneck Rebel Pulling Team in Denmark and the Real Wheel rims come from the old Nasty Toy Mini Mod from Sweden.
The Team also purchased for the new Mini a set of used carbon fiber fenders from Maik Straatman, the owner of the Mini Mod Tractors called ``Piecemaker´´ and ``Hateful 8´´ from Germany. The fenders were used before on the old Vampire Mini Modified Tractor from 2013 - 2017 in the Netherlands.
The new Little X will have an blown BAE V8 Hemi engine on methanol fuel with 526cui capacity.
The power plant gets a BAE billet aluminium engine block with Darton sleeves, a Sonny Bryant billet steel crank with billet aluminium Brooks rods and billet aluminium BAE pistons, BAE Stage 5 billet aluminium cylinder heads with BAE aluminium valve covers, BAE lifters, a billet steel camshaft, a PSI 14-71 blower with a JBR carbon fiber scoop, a RCD oil pump, a Moroso oil pan, a JG Parts aluminium fuel tank, a Enderle methanol fuel injection system with a Waterman fuel pump, a MSD 44 Pro Mag ignition and a Racepak data logger. The font aluminium engine plate for the fuel tank, the ignition box and the MSD coil system was drawn and manufactured by JG Parts.
The X Pulling Team will compete with their new Mini Mod in the Danish Championship for the year of 2019 and maybe on some events outside of Denmark.
The maiden voyage of the new Little X is planned for the 4th of May 2019 at the Danish Championship opener in Brande, Denmark.

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PPL 2019: Unlimited Super Stocks pulling in Goshen, IN

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Sledge Hammer on the Dyno

Last Saturday, the TWD Truck called ``Sledge Hammer´´ of Jan Luijendijk was in the workshop of the John Deere Pulling Team in Thy, Denmark on the dyno.

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The new Claas Component Super Sport of Team Bruggeman is ready !

The Bruggeman Pulling Team around Niels, Bjorn and Roy Bruggeman from Broekland, in the Netherlands have finished their new Claas Axion 880 Component Super Sport Tractor for the 4.5t / 9920lbs class. It´s the first Claas Tractor for the 4.5t Super Sport division in Europe. The Dutch guys started with the building process of the new ride in December of 2016. Normely the maiden run of the new machine was planned for the Indoor Pull in Assen last year, but a lots of other work in their own agricultural machinery workshop (Bruggeman sell and repair Claas tractors) and the waiting for new parts for the new vehicle have made it impossible to get the tractor ready for the 2018 season.
Back to the technical things: The new tractor received a completely new steel wedge frame with a new homemade three bar steel rollcage, a Kirkey Racing drivers seat, a modified Rockwell rearend, a completely new constructed drawbar and a homemade hydraulic steering. The new frame with the modified rearend was built by Zeinstra Chassis (Zeinstra Pulling Team) in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, the Netherlands.
The drivers and the engine position on the new Tractor is more forward compared to their old John Deere 7930 Super Sport. The Team hopes to get a better balance with the new Component chassis in the future. Another advantage of the Component Tractor is, they have much more movable weight, what give them more opportunities to find the right balance for difficult track conditions.
The new Claas Axion 880 hood comes from the current Axion 800 series and the fenders were purchased from the Rough and Tumble Pulling Team in the Netherlands. The sheetmetal work on the chassis and the hood were done by the company ´´Jansen Carrosseriebouw´´ from Wespe, in the Netherlands.
For a good traction on the Dutch pulling tracks, they purchased a set of new cut Michelin 650/60 R 38 Xeobib tyres on steel rims. The tyres were cut by Hans Heesakers from the Netherlands.
The modified Rockwell rearend got a Rockwell stock center section with a billet aluminium differential, a Rockwell ring and pinion gear, Rockwell planetaries carrier housing with ZF planetaries and new brake calipers with new steel brake discs. The drivetrain has a new Profab 3 speed transmission with a homemade drive shaft, a 12" inch Crower centrifugal clutch with 4 discs, a original fly wheel from a CAT C9 engine and a clutch bell housing built by Zeinstra Chassis.
The new Component Super Sport is powered by a turbocharged 6 cylinder Caterpillar C9 engine with 24 valves on diesel fuel. The CAT C9 engine was used in the old Claas Xerion 3300 and 3800 tractors from the 2nd generation. The 3300 was built by Claas between 2004 and 2012 and the 3800 between 2007 and 2013. The engine has a original displacement of 8.8l, but because of the 8.3l displacement limit in this class, the american power plant needed some smaller sleeves and pistons.
The engine has a Caterpillar C9 stock block with new Westwood sleeves, a standard CAT C9 crankshaft with billet rods and Zetor pistons, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a revised CAT C9 head, a regrinded CAT C9 camshaft, a Holset HX82 turbocharger, a new aluminium air / water intercooler, a Aviaid Stage 4 oil pump with Kaiser Performance (KP) oil filters, a Sigma diesel fuel injection pump with 17mm elements made by ODS Diesel Performance, billet dual feet injectors by Columbus Diesel Supply from the USA and a homemade fuel tank. The cylinder head of the power plant was flowed by Barend Huijbregts of the Rocky Pulling Team from Hoeven, in the Netherlands. The new intercooler sits on the front end of the tractor in the chassis.
The new Claas Axion 8XX had it´s maiden voyage at the Indoor Pull in Zwolle, February this year. It wasn´t a problem free maiden run for the new Component Tractor. After a good start, the power of the engine went down and the power plant went off. Back in the pits they found the problem. The bolts and nuts, who connect the sigma fuel pump and driveline for the pump came loose because of the vibrations of the engine. A small problem with great effect. The problem will fixed for the next event by new bolts with self-locking nuts.
The Bruggeman Pulling Team has announced to compete with their new machine in the Dutch Championship this year.

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