Tuesday, March 05, 2019

New Chassis for Wild Thing

The Wild Thing Pulling Team around Stefan Kronvall and his daughter Anna Kronvall from Ystad, in Sweden have built a new 950kg / 2095lbs Mini Modified Tractor during the winter of 2018 / 2019.
After 3 years with the wedge chassis of the old Nasty Toy, they have decided to built a new chassis and to make some changes on the Tractor. The old chassis was too heavy and the balance wasn't so good anymore. The new Wild Thing received a completely new Docol tube frame with a Docol rollcage, a rack and pinion steering and a Rockwell F106 rearend with TRB Machine Inc. parts from the USA. They think the new tube frame should be better than the old one. Compared to the old frame, the drivers position on the new Docol tube frame is more forward and the center of gravity is much lower. Also the V8 engine sits more forward on the new frame.
The Swedish Team hopes to get a better balance with those changes in the future.
The new chassis was constructed and built by Emil and Olof Roth of the Nasty Toy Pulling Team from Ljungbyhed in Sweden. The new fenders on the Mini are homemade. The new ones were made off polycarbonate and they are lighter than the old aluminium fenders of the old Tractor.       
The Rockwell F106 rearend has a TRB billet aluminium center section with a TRB aluminium diff, a Rockwell F106 ring and pinion gear and Willwood brake calipers with Willwood brake discs. The rear wheels on the new ride are a set of used Real Wheel aluminium rims with new cut Pioneer Giant Puller tires. The new drivetrain received a SCS reverser with a new homemade driveline and a Probell 11´´ inch centrifugal clutch with a Probell aluminium bell housing. The SCS reverser and the renewed clutch come from the old Wild Thing Mini Mod.
The new Wild Thing is powered by a blown BAE V8 Hemi engine on methanol fuel.
The power plant has a billet BAE aluminium block with a Winberg crank, Darton sleeves, MGP billet aluminium rods and Sassy Racing pistons, Veney aluminium heads, a Sassy Racing camshaft, a SSI 14-71 blower with a Enderle big & ugly scoop, a homemade aluminium fuel tank, a Sassy Racing fuel system with a Sassy Racing fuel pump, a homemade aluminium oil pan with a P&P oil pump and a MSD 44 Pro Mag ignition. The V8 Hemi engine also was taken over of the old Mini Mod and was completely dismantled and checked during the winter time.
The Wild Thing Pulling Team will compete with their new Mini Modified vehicle in the Swedish Championship and in the Euro Cup this season.

for further information ,check here: https://www.facebook.com/Tractor-pulling-Team-Wild-Thing-1445636695655019/

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