Friday, May 31, 2019

New Limited Super Stock in Denmark

From Hojer in Denmark, the Lille Bjorn Pulling Team around Lasse and Dieter Bjorn have built a completely new Ursus tractor for the 7700lbs / 3.5t limited super stock class on component basic during the last winter. After many years in the 4.5t / 9450lbs fram stock class with an Ursus 1201, Dieter and Lasse sold the tractor at the end of 2018. The ride had a turbocharged 6 cylinder Ursus engine with an 8.3l displacement and 3200rpm on diesel fuel. After the farm stock was sold, the Danish team decided to try something new with more horsepower this time. After some thinking and brainstorming, diesel or methanol, farm stock or limited super stock, Lasse and Dieter decided to build a new Ursus limited super stock machine on methanol. Another point was to make the switch into the new limited super stock class, the alky burner tractors are cheaper to manage and the wear is not so high during the season like on a pro stock or a top farm stock tractor.
In the fall of 2018, the team started with the construction of the new machine. The new component limited super stock got a completely new Strenx 700 wedge frame with a newly built chrome-moly roll cage (ROP), new homemade wheelie bars, a Kirkey Racing driver seat, a homemade front axle with hydraulic steering, a Scania 81 semi truck rear end and a newly constructed drawbar.
The Strenx wedge frame and the Scania 81 rear end with the new drawbar were built by the Hvilsom Pulling Team from Hobro in Denmark. Berrie Boer of the Screamin' Bobcat Pulling Team from Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands has constructed and built the new 3 bar chrome-moly roll cage for the new Tractor.
The new Ursus 1201 hood and the fenders are homemade and were built off steel sheet metal. The hood isn't original on the tractor, it's a copy of the 1201, the team did this new hood wider and higher than the original one. Also, the rest of the sheet metal work around the tractor was done by the team himself in their workshop.
A little bit history about the Ursus company: Ursus is the name of a traditional polish company from Warschau, which produced agricultural machinery and tractors. After the bankruptcy in 2011, the ZP Ursus SA company was taken over by the Polish group Pol-Mot Holding from Lublin. The
Pol-Mot Holding continues to sell tractors and agricultural machinery under the Ursus brand.
The Scania rear end of the component limited super stock was shortened and received a stock Scania 81 center section with an improved Scania 81 differential, a stock ring and pinion gear, new custom built half shafts, aluminium planetaries carrier housing with Hanomag planetaries and new billet aluminium Engler Machine & Tool brake calipers from the USA with new steel brake rotors.
The improved diff got a new better custom built diff cross with needle bearing from the John Deere Pulling Team in Thy, Denmark. The completely rear end was built together by the Hvilsom Pulling Team too.
Also completely new on the Ursus tractor is the driveline. The newly built driveline has a Profab 4 speed transmission with a homemade steel driveshaft between the transmission and the clutch, and 11" inch centrifugal clutch with 4 discs and a billet aluminum flywheel. The centrifugal clutch was manufactured by the Bukke Bruse Pulling Team from Batum in Denmark and is protected by a Browell steel bell housing. 
The rear wheels on the new ride are a set of new homemade steel rims with new cut 24.5-32 Pro Puller tires from the USA. The new tires were purchased and cut by the John Deere Pulling Team in Thy.
The new Lille Bjorn Limited Super Stock is powered by a newly built turbocharged 6 cylinder Ursus 1201 engine with an 8.3l / 510cui displacement on methanol fuel. The original 1201 power plant on diesel fuel in the stock tractor made around 112 hp. After the transformation to methanol and a lots of other changes, the Polish engine should make around between 1500hp - 2000hp. 
The power plant received a machined stock Ursus 1201 engine block with Darton sleeves, a new billet steel crankshaft of the company called ''Nuyts'' from Belgium, new CNC-milled billet steel rods from the John Deere Pulling Team with new GMS (Gene's Machine Shop) billet aluminium pistons, a revised Ursus 1201 cylinder head with new Inconel valves and stronger valve springs, a billet VSP (Veldhuizen Special Product) steel camshaft, a Holset HX82 turbocharger with a 102mm air restrictor, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a Aviaid 3 stage oil pump, a homemade stainless steel oil pan, a homemade sheet metal fuel tank, a VSP methanol injection system with a Waterman fuel pump, a MSD 8 Dual Coil ignition and a RPM Performance data logger.
After the tractor was almost completely done, the Dieter and Lasse Bjorn went to Willem Veldhuizen with the limited super stock at the beginning of April. Willem built up the new fuel system and the ignition system for the Ursus in his workshop in Loosdrecht, the Netherlands.
The first hooks in front of the sled with the new component tractor were pretty good so far. After the first pulls in Denmark, the Danish team is very satisfied with the new limited super stock and looking forward to having a nice competition against Soren Lüchan Hansen´s John Deere machine called ''Never Done New'' in 2019.
The Dieter and Lasse Bjorn will compete with their new Ursus component limited super stock in the Danish Championship and maybe on some events outside of Denmark this season.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

New home for Wild Toy

The 950kg / 2095lbs mini modified tractor called ''Wild Toy'' of Jorgen Lauridsen from Spjald in Denmark has a new home since this year. After the Wild Toy Pulling Team announced its retirement of the pulling sport last year, the tractor was sold to a new team in the middle of March this year.
The new owners of the Keith Black V8 Hemi powered mini is the Wild Boys Pulling Team around Karsten and Alex Groth from Ringkobing in Denmark. The young team in the mini mod scene isn't unknown in the pulling sport. The Danish team competed many years successfully in the garden pulling sport with a 500kg modified and in the 600kg compact diesel tractor. During that period, they learned a lot in the garden pulling sport, how everything works on a tractor.
After the Wild Toy arrived in his new home, the ride received a new look and a new name.
The aluminum sheet metal fenders on the mini mod were newly painted in black and got a new vinyl wrap. The new paint job and the vinyl wrap on the fenders were done by the Danish company ''CM Lakering & Skilte'' from Ringkobing. Finally, the tractor received yet a new name. The mini mod is called ''Wild Popeye'' now.
The Wild Boys Pulling Team competes with their new toy in the Danish Championship this year.

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New ETPC website !

The ETPC has launched its new website in a completely new layout yesterday evening.

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Euro Challenge schedule 2019

The Euro Challenge schedule for the 3.6t and 4.5t Super Sport class this season:
– 15-16 June 2019, Made (NL), Super Sport 3.6 t and Super Sport 4.5 t
– 29 June 2019, Målilla (S), Super Sport 3.6 t
– 20 July 2019, Sønder Hygum (DK), Super Sport 3.6 t and Super Sport 4.5 t
– 15 September 2019, Kalkar (D), Super Sport 4.5 t 
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Ohio State Benefit Pull canceled !

Bad news from the US, the season opener of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour in Fort Recovery, Ohio is canceled due to excessive wet conditions over the last 3 weeks at Ambassador Park.

Here is the official statement of the organization:
Due to excessive wet conditions over the last 3 weeks at Ambassador Park the 12th Annual Ohio State Benefit Pull will be canceled. We would like nothing better than to have this event but the elements are out of our hands and control. The forecast for the next two days are not in our favor, the pulling track and grounds are saturated plus some. Thank you to our sponsors, fans, and all volunteers for their continued support.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Photos Tractor-Pulling Bryne (Norway) 2019 - by Jan Lo Tractor-Pulling Media

!Bryne (N) 2019!


Photos by Jan Lo - Tractor-Pulling Media
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Monday, May 27, 2019

Blower Power Bryne 2019

Loerbeek 2019

NTTO Grand National
Loerbeek 2019

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Friday, May 24, 2019

The new Rocky

The Rocky Pulling Team around Barend Huijbregts from Hoeven in the Netherlands have built a completely new IH component pro stock tractor during the winter of 2018 / 2019.
After the old IH 1066 switched his owner at the end of 2018, the Euro Cup Champion and Dutch Champion Team of 2018 started with the planning and the parts sourcing for the new tractor.
The Rocky Team was very successful with the old tractor in the past. During the last 9 years with the component pro stock, they achieved a couple of Dutch Championship, 1 European Championship and 2 Euro Cup titles. The best season was definitely 2018, they won the Euro Cup title, the Dutch Championship title, finished in the runner up position at the EC in Alphen, the Netherlands and achieved a great 3rd place at the NFMS Pull in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The most impressive thing on their 3rd place finish at their USA Tour was, the pro stock competed with a smaller engine against the US pro stock teams, which have a bigger engine under their hood then the Europeans.
The first considerations to built a new ride came during the 2018 season, it was a choice between rebuild the tractor or building an almost completely new one. Then came the opportunity to sell the tractor at the end of the season. In that time the Red Impact Pulling Team was looking for a new component chassis for their new 9920lbs / 4.5t farm stock project in winter 2018 / 2019. The Red Impact guys asked the Rocky Team, whether they can build them a component chassis for their new tractor. So Barend made an offer to the Red Impact Team to purchase his Rocky without the engine. After a short negotiation, the deal was official, the IH 1066 machine will have a new home at the end of 2018. After that, it was clear the team would build a new component tractor for the upcoming season.
The Team started with the planning and the preparations of the new component pro stock on the computer in the fall of 2018. The tractor was completely planned and constructed on CAD, which made the building process easier later for the team. After the CAD work and the parts sourcing were done, the guys started with the building of the new Rocky in the middle of February 2019.
The new Rocky got a completely new homemade Strenx steel wedge frame with newly built weight brackets, a new constructed chrome-moly roll cage, a QSP racing driver seat, a homemade hydraulic steering, new homemade wheelie bars and a homemade sheet metal rear axle housing with a completely new constructed drawbar. But, what's different on the chassis compared to the old one?
The chassis style and the front end is completely different, the placement for the weights on the chassis is different, the rear axle is new and some other ideas to improve the performance. The team hopes to get a better balance with those changes and to have a good looking, reliable top component pro stock in the future. The new chassis design was the idea by team boss Barend Huijbregts and Geert Arnouts, the driver and owner of the IH 1066 pro stock tractor called ''Code Red'' from Belgium, and the new constructed ROP (Roll Over Protector) was built by Berrie Boer of the Screamin' Bobcat Team from Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands.
The new hood and the new fenders are a replica of an original IH 1066. The hood and fenders are homemade and were built of aluminum sheet metal. They are lighter than the original 1066 hoods and fenders. The only part which is original of a 1066 hood is the cooler grill. Also, the rest of the sheet metal work on the new ride was done by the team himself.
The new rear axle has a new Humpco billet aluminum center section with a new billet aluminum Humpco diff, a Merator ring and pinion gear, Franklin magnesium planetaries carrier housing with Franklin planetaries and new billet Engler Machine & Tool brake calipers with new laser cut brake discs. For a good grip on the Dutch and European pulling tracks, the team using a set of used cut Firestone 24.5-32 Puller 2000HP tires on polished Midwest aluminum rims. The wheels come from the old Rocky tractor and the tires were cut by team boss Barend Huijbregts himself.
The drivetrain is completely new too. The drivetrain received a new Profab 3 speed gearbox, a new 11 inch centrifugal clutch and flywheel from Van der Pulling Parts and a steel clutch bell housing.
The new custom built steel driveshaft between the Profab gearbox and the centrifugal clutch was also built by Van der Waal Pulling Parts in Hoeven, the Netherlands.
The new Rocky component pro stock tractor is powered by a 6 cylinder IH engine with an 8.3l displacement on diesel fuel. The IH engine was taken over of the old Rocky tractor and further improved by the team during the last winter.
The powerplant has a machined stock IH cast iron block with a custom built steel crankshaft, a homemade fuel tank, a Aviaid oil pump, and a Racepak data logger.
The rest of the specially built parts for the powerplant were done by Barend Huijbregts. Barend made within his own company HMT Power Parts those specially built components for the engine:
  • sleeves
  • the billet rods
  • modified pistons
  • the machined and new flowed IH cylinder head
  • the valves and valve springs
  • the billet camshaft
  • the intake and exhaust manifold
  • the billet turbocharger 
  • the intercooler
  • the diesel fuel injection pump (based on a Sigma pump).
With all those special components the 6 cylinder engine should make around 2500 hp.
The building of the new tractor was for the team a fight against the clock and connected with (maybe) some sleepless nights. Finally, a few hours before the first round of the Dutch Championship in Oud Gastel the new Rocky was ready to run. But the maiden run wasn't perfect. In the first pass, Barend stopped within the first 30m and dropped 6 places. Back in the pits, the data confirmed something wasn´t right, so they changed the setting of the engine a little bit. Second pass, a good start and a nice balance, but at around 90m the power of the engine went down, the result 97.46m and a 10th place. Back again in the pits, the data have shown on the laptop a problem in the water injection system, which caused to
high temperatures in the cylinders. So a little bit homework for the team before the next pull in the Netherlands.
The Rocky Pulling Team will compete in the Dutch Grand National Championship, on some demo pulls and hopefully on the European Championship in Brande, Denmark this year.

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