Friday, June 21, 2019

The new Fuel Addict

After 1 1/2 years of building, the new radial powered 950kg / 2095lbs mini modified tractor called ''Fuel Addict'' of the Oil Addict Pulling Team from Skjern in Denmark is ready.
In October of 2017, the Danish team around Dennis, Preben, and Sigurd Juhl started with the planning and building of the new tractor. But the building process took a longer time than they have expected. Usually, the maiden run of the tractor was planned for the 2018 season, but unexpected problems with the delivering of the custom built parts, especially for the driveline made it's not possible to make a pass in front of the sled in 2018.
The completely new built mini mod received a new homemade Docol R8 tube frame with a homemade chrome-moly roll cage, a fiberglass driver seat of a go-kart, a custom built steering, a new lighter rear end, and a completely new constructed drawbar.
The fenders on the tractor were made off aluminum sheet metal. The roll cage and the fenders were taken over of their old radial Alvis powered mini mod tractor called ''Black Blood''.
The driver's position on the new chassis is more forward and the center of gravity is lower compared to their old mini mod. Also, the engine's position on the new frame is more forward. The team hopes to get a better balance with those changes on the pulling tracks in the future.
The new lighter rear end has a custom built sheet metal rear axle housing with a billet aluminum center section, an aluminum diff with special made gears, a specially made ring and pinion gear, custom built half shafts and billet aluminum brake calipers with laser cut brake rotors. The Oil Addict Team purchased the complete rear axle from the ''The Challenger Pulling Team'' in the Netherlands in 2017.
Because of the heavy weight of the engine, the new machine received no transmission, only a billet steel driveshaft from the little gearbox to the center section of the rear axle. To save weight the new billet driveshaft was inside drilled out. The new little gearbox on the clutch bell housing is custom built. All the components for the new box were constructed and manufactured by the Gators Pulling Team from Skjern in Denmark. 
The housing is made off aluminum and was machined on a CNC-milling machine in the Gators workshop. The special made gears were done by a local company in Denmark. The 3 discs centrifugal clutch on the mini is an 11 inch Crower clutch with a billet aluminum flywheel and is protected by a custom built aluminum Browell bell housing.  
All the components and parts like the chassis etc. were painted by one of their neighbors from Skjern.  
The new Fuel Addict is powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1830 radial aircraft engine with 14 cylinders and a capacity of 30l / 1830cui on avgas. The engine ran usually in the Consolidated B-24 and in the Grumman F4F Wildcat airplanes from the second world war. The engines were produced between 1932 and 1951. A total of 173,618 R-1830 engines were built during that time. The Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp power plant is the most built aircraft engine ever. The engine on the tractor was completely dismantled and overhauled. For this work, they received a lot of help from Piet de Haan from the Netherlands. The 77 years old Dutchman helped them a lot in the workshop to bring the engine back to life. Piet is a man with lots of experience in aircraft engines. He worked and helped many different teams in Europe to get their engines running, like the White Horse Pulling Team from the Netherlands and the Starfighter Pulling Team from Denmark. That's are only quite a few of many teams, who Piet has helped on aircraft engines in the past.
The 14 cylinder engine on the mini mod should make around 1200 hp. The power plant on the Mini Mod has an original supercharger, stock connection rods and pistons, original heads, homemade steel exhaust pipes, an original modified fuel system, the original ignition system, and a homemade fuel and oil tank.
The Oil Addict Pulling Team competes with their new Pratt & Whitney radial powered mini modified machine in the Danish Championship this year. But the new mini is currently 65kg too heavy for the class, that's why they are currently running outside of the evaluation at the events.
The official maiden voyage of the new tractor was on the 5th of May 2019 in Brande, Denmark. And it was a successful premiere, the tractor ran not bad but the setting of the engine was still in safety mode. The team was satisfied after the pull and went back home without any damages on the new tractor. A second attempt in Brande wasn't possible, the class was canceled because of the broken mini mod sled.
The next event for them was at the Motorfestival in Allingabro. This time they have changed the setting on the engine and the new tractor made two nice passes in front of the Danish crowd. Preben, Dennis, and driver Sigurd Juhl were very happy with both runs. But the gear ratio was a little bit too fast for the tractor. The rpm's of the Pratt & Whitney power plant were maybe a bit too low, because of the too fast gear ratio, what Dennis Juhl has explained after the pull. 
For the upcoming pulls in the summer they have planned to change the ratio on the tractor and then the American engine should bring his full hp on the track.

CP Dream II - Powerweekend Made 2019 - HWTPF

Outlaw Pulling - 9,500 Limited Pro Stock - Ravenna, NE - June 15, 2019

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Team Lambada - Powerweekend Made


ETPC Euro Cup Made (NL) 2019:

STPF Örkelljunga (S) June 1, 2019 (Björnens Power Pull):

Bryne (N) May 26, 2019:

NTPA Hoopeston, IL (USA) 2019:

NTPA Sugarcreek, OH (USA) 2019: Canceled due to rain

NTPA New Castle, PA (USA) 2019: Canceled due to inclement weather

PPL Champions Tour Mackville, WI (USA) June 14, 2019: Rain Out

PPL Champions Tour Mackville, WI (USA) June 15, 2019:

PPL Champions Tour Tampico, IN (USA) June 14, 2019:

PPL Midwest Region Tampico, IN (USA) June 14, 2019:

PPL Champions Tour Tampico, IN (USA) June 15, 2019:

PPL Midwest Region Tampico, IN (USA) June 15, 2019:

PPL Western Series Paris, MO (USA) June 14, 2019:

PPL Western Series Fayette, MO (USA) June 15, 2019:

OTTPA Ravenna, NE (USA) June 14, 2019:

OTTPA Ravenna, NE (USA) June 15, 2019:

ITPA New Berlin, IL (USA) June 13, 2019:

ITPA Cerro Gordo, IL (USA) June 14, 2019:

ITPA St. Peters, MO (USA) June 14, 2019: Canceled due to flood water from Mississippi River  

BSTP Mackville, WI (USA) June 14, 2019: Rain Out

BSTP Mackville, WI (USA) June 15, 2019:

BSTP Edgerton, WI (USA) June 16, 2019:

ESP Dansville, NY (USA) June 8, 2019:

Blower Power Made 2019

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Photos Powerweekend Made (NL) 2019 - by Jan Lo Tractor-Pulling Media

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Mades Powerweekend 2019

ETPC Euro Cup and NTTO Pulling for all classes!
Mades Powerweekend 2019

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Friday, June 14, 2019

New Hemi powered Light Mod in Holland

After 3 years in the 950kg / 2095lbs mini modified division, the Lucky Ducky Pulling Team around Couzijn van Heuvelen from Putten in the Netherlands making the step into the 2.5t / 5500lbs light modified class this season. After 2 successful seasons, the Dutch team got the possibility to building a completely new tractor for the light mod class. The rumors about a new light mod project went around since fall 2018, in March 2019 the guys from Putten officially announced on their Facebook page to build a new ride for the next bigger class.
In the winter of 2018, the Lucky Ducky Team together with Berrie Boer of the Screamin' Bobcat Pulling Team started to planning the new tractor on the computer. The whole light mod machine was constructed on CAD, which makes the later building process of the tractor much easier for the team.
The new light modified machine will have a new Domex wedge frame with a new chrome-moly roll cage, a rack and pinion steering, a machined Rockwell rear axle housing with a newly built drawbar, homemade wheelie bars, and a new Kirkey Racing driver seat.
All the sheet metal parts for the Domex chassis were laser cut and bent by Tosec BV in Zwolle the Netherlands.
The Rockwell rear end received a billet aluminum Humpco center section with a billet aluminum Humpco diff, a Rockwell ring and pinion gear, custom built half shafts, billet aluminum planetaries carrier housing with new custom built CAT 966 planetaries and new Engler & Machine billet aluminum brake calipers with new laser cut brake rotors. The new custom built CAT planetaries were built by Bennie Vreeman of Vampire Gears from Neede, the Netherlands.
The Lucky Ducky Team purchased for their new Uncle Duck a set of new polished Northern Sheen aluminum rims with new Pro Puller 30.5-32 tires. The new Pro Puller tires from the USA were cut by Hans Heesakers from Mariahout in the Netherlands.
The new fenders for the new project were made off carbon fiber and are very light compared to aluminum or steel sheet metal fenders. The fenders were built by the Rocket Science Pulling Team from Weert in the Netherlands.
Also almost completely new is the driveline. The driveline will have a Humpco reverser, a used crossbox from the Screamin' Bobcat Pulling Team with 2 new Vampire Gears gearboxes and a new custom built driveshaft between the crossbox and the reverser by Vampire Gears. The team will use for each engine a Crower centrifugal clutch with a Browell aluminum bell housing.
The crossbox for the new tractor was purchased from the Screamin' Bobcat Pulling Team in Ijsselmuiden, the Netherlands. Because of their new unlimited project with 4 Hemi engines, they couldn't use the crossbox for the new machine anymore. So, the Boer Family made an offer to the team to purchase the box for a fair price. The crossbox was used before on the light mod and mod machine called "Double Screamin" and was constructed and build during the winter of 2013 / 2014. Bennie Vreeman of Vampire Gears did all the calculations and Berrie Boer of the Screamin' Bobcat Team developed the aluminum housing for that box. After that, the company Breman Machinery from Kampen machined the aluminum housing on a CNC-milling machine and Vampire Gears did all the gears and shafts for the crossbox.
On the crossbox, they can switch every time on the events the gears, to change the ratio for the different conditions. The box isn't built only for 2 engines. They can put a dropbox on the top of the crossbox and then they can run with 3 engines. The little gearbox between the crossbox and clutch is for the rotation of the engines. With this little gearbox, they can run one engine clockwise and the other one counter-clockwise. With this setting, they can take the torque out of the chassis, which makes the tractor is more stable on the track and they can bring their power better to the ground.
The same system worked very successfully on the light mod tractor called "Wicked Screamer" of the Screamin Bobcat Team in 2018.
The new Uncle Duck will have 2 blown BAE V8 Hemi engines on methanol.
The both BAE engines will be different as on their mini modified tractor called ''Lucky Ducky''.
The power plants will have a BAE billet aluminum engine block with Darton sleeves, a billed Winberg steel crankshaft with billet aluminum rods and pistons, BAE Alcohol cylinder heads, Moroso aluminum valve covers, Dan Olsen exhaust headers, a Mike Janis 14-71 blower with a Mike Janis billet aluminum injector scoop, a Waterman fuel pump, a homemade aluminum fuel and oil tank, a dry sump lubrication with a System 1 oil pump, a MSD 44 Pro Mag ignition and a Racepak data logger system.
The Lucky Ducky Team will compete with their new light mod machine in the Dutch Grand National Championship this year. For the 2020 season, they also have planned to run with 3 BAE Hemis in the 7700lbs / 3.5t modified class in the Dutch Grand National Championship and maybe to compete in the light modified division of the Euro Cup. For team boss, Couzijn van Heuvelen is driving a light modified machine not a new experience. In his early years together with the Bandit Pulling Team from Putten, in the Netherlands, he also drove their light mod tractor called ''Eurol Bandit'' to many victories.
The Dutch team hopes to be competitive with the new light mod and to run successfully under the first top 3 places in the future.
The maiden voyage of the new Uncle Duck is planned for the 13th of July 2019 at their home pull in Putten, the Netherlands.

VDB Megapull Stroe 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Little X is ready !

After a lot of work during the last 2 months, the new 950kg / 2095lbs mini modified tractor called ''Little X'' of the X Pulling Team from Bredebro in Denmark is ready.
The completely new mini got a new Docol tube frame with a new Docol roll cage, a homemade rack and pinion steering, an aluminum racing seat from the Oil Addict Pulling Team, a Dana 60 rear end with billet parts from TRB Machine Inc. in the USA and special made parts from Emil Roth in Sweden. The new chassis and some other components for the tractor were built by Emil and Olof Roth of the Nasty Toy Pulling from Ljungbyhed in Sweden.
The fenders on the ride are made off carbon fiber and come from the old Vampire mini mod tractor from Neede in the Netherlands. The Team purchased the fenders from Maik Straatman, owner of the natural aspirated Rolls Royce Griffon V12 powered mini mod called ''Piecemaker'' and the V8 Hemi powered mini mod called ''Hateful 8'' from Germany.
The paint job on the tractor was done by the company ''Svends Autolakering'' from Losing in Denmark and Steffen Schaab of XD3SIGN from Selent in Germany did the vinyl wrap on the fenders and the fuel tank.
The Dana 60 rear end in the new Little X has a modified Dana 60 center section with a TRB billet aluminum diff, a TRB special made ring and pinion gear, billet aluminum planetaries carrier housing with special made planetaries by Emil Roth of the Nasty Toy Pulling Team and a new single wheel brake system with Wilwood brake calipers and steel brake rotors. The Dana rear axle comes from the old Swedish mini modified tractor called ``Nasty Toy´´ of Emil and Olof Roth.
The new drivetrain got a new Vampire Gears 2 speed gearbox with a new homemade driveshaft from the gearbox to the rear axle, a 10´´ inch MRP Racing centrifugal clutch with 3 discs and a Trick Titanium clutch bell housing.
The X Team bought a set of used polished Real Wheel aluminum rims with almost new Pioneer Giant Puller tires for the new mini mod. The Pioneer tires were purchased from the Redneck Rebel Pulling Team in Denmark and the Real Wheel rims come from the old Nasty Toy mini mod from Sweden.
The new Little X is powered by a blown BAE V8 Hemi engine on methanol fuel with 526cui capacity. The font aluminum engine plate for the fuel tank, the ignition box, and the MSD coil system was drawn and manufactured by JG Parts.
The power plant has a BAE billet aluminum engine block with Darton sleeves, a Sonny Bryant billet steel crankshaft with billet aluminum Brooks rods and billet aluminum BAE pistons, BAE Stage 5 billet aluminum cylinder heads with BAE aluminum valve covers, BAE lifters, a billet steel camshaft, a PSI 14-71 blower with a JBR carbon fiber scoop, a RCD oil pump, a Moroso oil pan, a JG Parts aluminum fuel tank, a Enderle methanol fuel injection system with a Waterman fuel pump, a MSD 44 Pro Mag ignition and a Racepak data logger.
The maiden run of the new Little X was usually planned for the Danish Championship opener in Brande, Denmark. But a broken sled made it's not possible to make a run at the Championship opener. 2 weeks later at the Allingabro Motor Festival, the new tractor made its first official run in front of the Danish sled. The first pass wasn´t so bad, but the ignition timing wasn't 100% correct. Back in the pits they made some changes on the ignition, but without big success. The engine still not ran well and the tractor moved only a few meters. Jesper Madsen and the rest of the X Team tried everything to get the problem solved in the pits but without luck. A few weeks later, the Danish guys were invited to the super pull of the north in Haßmoor, Germany. The engine ran much better and the problem with the ignition was solved. Driver Christian Nikolajsen made a nice pass, but the mini was a bit unbalanced in the end, which cost him a few meters. 74.76m was distance and a well 4th place for the Dane. But the most important point was, the team went home without any big damages.

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