Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Linville's new Light Super Stock is ready to run

After lots of work during the last 5 months, the new John Deere 4840 component light super stock tractor of Zach and Chris Linville from Osgood, Indiana in the USA is ready to run on the pulling tracks in the US.
The new light super stock got a used Full Pull Motorsports chrome-moly tube frame with Full Pull Motorsports airbag front end, a Full Pull Motorsports built hydraulic steering, new GMS (Gene's Machine Shop) built weight brackets, a GMS chrome-moly roll cage with a Kirkey Racing seat and a Full Pull Motorsports sheet metal rear axle housing. The changes and modifications on the Full Pull Motorsports chassis were done in the GMS workshop of Brent Payne in Hamilton, Ohio.
The rear wheels on the tractor are a set of used polished Midwest aluminum rims with cut Firestone 30.5 x 32 Puller 2000 HP tires. Zach and Chris purchased the rims with the 1-year-old resharpened tires from CM Pulling Tires in Reynolds, Indiana. 
The sheet metal rear axle housing got a lot of good high performance pulling parts from Humpco. The rear axle received a Humpco billet aluminum center section, a billet Humpco aluminum differential with a specially made ring and pinion gear, aluminum planetaries carrier housing with custom built Humpco planetaries and billet Full Pull Motorsports aluminum brake calipers with Full Pull Motorsports steel brake rotors.
The tractor received a John Deere 4840 hood with aluminum sheet metal built side shields and aluminum sheet metal built fenders with original John Deere 4840 parts. The hood isn´t original anymore, they have recreated the 4840 hood out of carbon fiber. The new hood is much lighter than the original John Deere sheet metal hood. Only the side grids are original John Deere parts on the hood. The stock tractor version of the JD 4840 was built between 1978 and 1982 in Moline, Illinois and had a turbocharged 6 cylinder water-cooled engine with 7.6l / 464cui capacity on diesel fuel with 181hp.  
All the sheet metal work on the hood and the chassis were done by the employees of GMS. 
The paint job did Zach and Chris Linville himself in their workshop and the new vinyl graphic on the side shields of the hood were made by GCI Digital Imaging in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Also, the completely new drivetrain in the tractor received a Humpco reverser with a GMS billet steel driveshaft and a Crower centrifugal clutch with a billet aluminum flywheel by GMS. The clutch is protected by a Browell aluminum bell housing. 
The new Ridge Runner is powered by a completely new built 504cui / 8.3l alky fired 6 cylinder GMS pushrod engine with a 3 charger setup. The power plant received a bored up cast iron engine block with a billet Indy aluminum cylinder head, an Indy billet steel camshaft, a GMS built intake and exhaust manifold, 3 billet turbocharger, a billet steel Bryant crank with GMS billet aluminum rods and pistons, an aluminum oil pan, an Aviaid oil pump, a GMS front drive pump assembly, a GMS fuel system with a Waterman fuel pump, an MSD 44 Pro Mag ignition and a Racepak data logger.
The new 6 cylinder pushrod engine was completely built at the Gene´s Machine Shop in Hamilton, Ohio. 

One is sure the engine will make a lot of hp to fight against top guys in the NTPA Grand National Championship or in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour. But everyone knows, the fight in the NTPA GN and in the PPL Champions Tour is very rough through a whole season and a single mistake can cost the title too. But that's currently not the plan of the team to fight for the title. The first season will be a learning year for the former light pro stock competitors to understand how the new technic works on the John Deere. They also will have the support from Brent Payne on the GN pulls during the season.
When the tractor was ready, the team together with Brent Payne made a test pass in the backyard of the GMS workshop to get some data. It was a successful test. Brent Payne made the first pass with the new John Deere and the newly built power plant ran pretty well. It was an awesome short pass without any damages. For 2019, the Linville Pulling Team has registered with its new Ridge Runner into the NTPA Grand National Championship for the light super stock division. They also have planned to compete on some other pulls during the season.

for further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/Linville-Pulling-Team-133864087057046/

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