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Snoopy Team is switched into the Limited Super Stock class

The Snoopy Pulling Team from Wieringerwerf in the Netherlands has made the switch with their Ford pro stock tractor into the limited super stock class this year. After 14 years and 2 Dutch Championship titles the team around Edward Beukeveld has decided to make the switch into the 3.5t / 7700lbs limited super stock division.
The basic of Snoopy was built in 2000 when they started to run in the “trekkerslep 4T super standard” class, this was a lot of fun for the team as it was the only class in Holland (and the pro stocks) that had free rpm rules. In 2003 the guys gained enough experience to step over to the pro stock class and in the winter of 2003/2004, they converted the tractor to a pro stock. The only thing that they did not thought in the conversion was the engine which was taken out in 2003 and fitted back in 2004.
That resulted in a podium place (3rd) on the first pull in Wierden 2004. In the years to follow, the Snoopy Team killed an incredible amount of engine parts as there were hardly any good parts available. Through the years, the Dutch guys developed a lot of specific parts for the Ford/New Holland engine which found their way all over the world. From 2008 onwards they had the weakest points figured out and from that, on they could perform pretty consistent and with the yearly winter updates they could close the gap to the top teams which resulted in GN pro stock champion in 2014.
That was a big relief for them as many people said it could not be done with a Ford. With some small changes in 2015, Edward Beukeveld and his team could repeat it once more, for the 2nd time in row Champion, however, with the setup of 2014/2015 they had to push the engine hard and the cylinder head was not capable of handling the temperatures which they ran.
In the winter of 2016, the Snoopy Pulling Team built a new transmission with higher gears, but due to a fault in the hardening process, they junked the complete transmission in Oudenhoorn having the engine run 9000rpm. It was an average season with a lot of trial and error. They could only shine in Putten where Edward ran mixed with the Euro Cup.
In the 2017 & 2018 season, the Snoopy Team could not really find the path back to the top, the guys got depressed by the lifetime of the cylinder head and no hope for billet heads allowed in a short term made them decide to move to the limited super stock class.
But why have the Snoopy Pulling Team really decided to switch into the limited super stock class?
One of the team members was active in getting a decent billet cylinder head rule in the pro stock rulebook for 2016 / 2017.
However, it seemed there were too many different opinions by other teams and the proposal was shot.
That was the moment the team talked together for the first time to switch classes but it took 2 more years to finally make the decision. Running costs and reliability was just not in balance anymore with the pro stock.
In the winter of 2018 / 2019, the team started with the work to convert the Ford into a limited super stock. 
The former pro stock tractor has a steel wedge frame with a chrome-moly roll cage, a hydraulic steering, aluminum wheelie bars and a machined Ford rear end with a lot of custom-built parts. The complete chassis with the drawbar was built by Gercon techniek in the Netherlands. To keep the tractor in bounds, the machine has a single wheel brake system with Full Pull Motorsports brake calipers and homemade brake discs.
The hood of the tractor is not original. The hood is a replica of a Ford-New Holland 8010. The hood was made off aluminum sheet metal by Frank Jansen from JG Metaal in the Netherlands. The 8010 stock tractor was built between 1994 and 2003.
The company called "M2iD" ( from Sprundel in the Netherlands did the nice vinyl graphics on the hood in 2012. 
The drivetrain of the limited super stock has a machined Ford 8010 gearbox housing with custom built gears and shafts, a van der Veeken (Wickie Power Pulling Team) centrifugal clutch with 4 discs and a homemade steel bell housing. The Firestone Puller 2000 HP tires with the Northern Sheen aluminum rims were replaced by a new set of cut Pro Puller 24.5 x 32 tires with new Keizer Wheels aluminum rims from the USA.
The Snoopy Pulling Team has built up a completely new turbocharged 6 cylinder Ford 456 Genesis engine with a 7.6l displacement on methanol fuel. The old pro stock engine was from the displacement with 8.3l a little bit bigger than the new engine. The original Ford 456 Genesis is a water-cooled power plant with a displacement of 456cui / 7.5l. The Genesis engines were originally created and manufactured by New Holland UK for the Genesis tractors. The engine was used in the Ford-New Holland Genesis 70 series and was built from 1993 - 2002  at the plant in Winnipeg, Canada. The engine in the biggest tractor of this series, the Ford-New Holland 8970 had a power of 240hp. The 8970s were also sold as Landini Starland 270 with 270hp in Italy between 2004 and 2005, which was the latest and last version that was built.
The engine in the limited super stock received a machined Ford 456 Genesis cast iron block with Darton sleeves, a revised stock 456 Genesis cylinder head with new Ferrea valve and valve springs, a billet steel camshaft, a billet steel crankshaft of the company called ''Nuyts'' from Belgium, KMB (Koebrugge Metaal Bewerking) Toolox rods and GMS (Gene's Machine Shop) billet aluminum pistons, a aluminum oil pan, a modified stock oil pump, a billet Columbus Diesel Supply (CDS) turbocharger, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a VSP (Veldhuizen Special Products) methanol fuel injection system with a Waterman fuel pump, a MSD 8 Plus ignition from VSP and a Edelbrock data logger with a Daytona AFR logger. With all those changes, the Genesis engine should make around 2000-2500hp with this setup.
The cylinder head of the engine was revised and flowed by BFS airflow research in Dronten, the Netherlands.
The Dutch team hopes, first of all, to get the engine properly running on alcohol, it is all new for them and they all are diesel minded.
So Edward Beukeveld and the rest of the Snoopy Team hope they get it up and running well. Currently, the limited super stock class getting better and better every year now and they hope they can compete and have a lot of fun with less engine stress.
The Snoopy Pulling Team compete in the Dutch National Championship this year.

The Snoopy Team would also like to give a big thanks to Willem Veldhuizen of Veldhuizen Special Products for the support!

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