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New Deutz Limited Super Stock in the Netherlands

The limited super stock class currently grows and grows and grows in Europe and new teams with exciting brands stepping into the new class. One of them is the Fahr Ahead Pulling Team from Ouderkerk aan den IJssel in the Netherlands. The team around the two brothers Aad and Bart Boers are currently building a new Deutz-Fahr component tractor for this new limited super stock class.
The Fahr-Ahead Pulling Team started tractor pulling in 2010 with a 4-cylinder Deutz in the NTTO 2.5t sport class after being encouraged by the local Deutz-Fahr dealership to build a sport class tractor. The team originated in the early 2000s as a 2-stroke moped drag- and circuit racing team.
In 2014 they’ve changed the tractor to a 6-cylinder version and switched to the NTTO 4.5t sport class and the guys competed up to last year with this tractor. The 4.5t / 9260lbs sport class tractor was a Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 6190 tractor with a turbocharged Deutz BF6L913 engine on diesel fuel. The powerplant makes around 800hp at 2700rpm. The engine had a stock Deutz block with a revised Deutz head, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a Holset HX55 turbocharger, a Bosch P fuel pump with 15mm elements and a homemade Beckhoff IPC data logger. The rear end and gearbox based on the Deutz DX4.30. The tractor was sold to Finland in the winter of 2018.
But why have the team decided to build a limited super stock and not a new sport class tractor?
Simply, because of the extremely high level of competition in Holland, the Fahr Ahead guys concluded that if they wanted to close the gap to the top of the class, they had to build a new tractor with a larger and mechanically stronger engine.
Rules didn´t allow them to build a component frame and they didn´t want to use the rear end of the Deutz-Fahr model they wanted to use the engine from (DX250 / Deutz Allis 9190) so switching class was the only solution.
Although they have become quite familiar with diesel tuning their roots are in the high revving 2-stroke gasoline engine so alcohol tractor pulling was always very interesting for them.
Another reason is that they have their own hub dyno and made good use of it, the neighbors didn't like the diesel smoke that much anymore.
But what´s different compared to the old tractor?
The new one will be designed in 3D from scratch and will fully build in their own machine workshop. The engine will be designed to rev much higher and the horsepower level should be going to the 2500 hp range after a while.
Shortly after the tractor was sold to Finland, the team started with the planning and the development of the new tractor on the computer which will make the building process easier later for the team. The whole machine will be constructed in 3D on solid works by Aad Boers. Currently, he's still working on the CAD program to get all parts in 3D of the tractor ready for the later building process.
The new component limited super stock will have a completely new homemade chrome-moly tube frame with a new constructed homemade chrome-moly roll cage, a racing driver seat, a new homemade tilting steering column with a hydraulic yacht steering system, a homemade front end air bag and a DAF 2255 rear end with a new developed homemade steel drawbar.
On the new chassis, there are a lot of differences compared to the old farm stock ride. The new chrome-moly chassis is much lighter and without the stock Deutz rear end and transmission case, they will have much more moveable weight on the frame. Also, the driver's position on the new frame is more forward and the center of gravity is lower compared to the old tractor. The position of the Deutz engine will be much lower in the new chassis too. With this new chassis, the Dutch team hopes to have a good balance on the Dutch and European pulling tracks in the future.
The new Fahr Ahead received a brand new Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 9340 TTV hood of the current Deutz-Fahr 9 TTV series. The Agrotron 9340 TTV stock tractor was revealed on the 2013 Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany and will build at the Deutz-Fahr factory in Lauingen, Germany since 2015. The tractor has a diesel-fired 6 cylinder Deutz TCCD engine with a displacement of 7.8l and a power of 336hp at 1800 RPMs. The machine is available in two different versions as 9340 TTV and 9340 TTV Warrior. The 9340 TTV Warrior is a limited edition of the tractor and is painted black (can also be ordered in the original Deutz-Fahr green).
The new limited super stock will be the first pulling tractor worldwide with this new hood of the Deutz-Fahr 9 TTV series.
The new rear fenders on the tractor are from a smaller Deutz-Fahr model and are made of plastic.
The new DAF 2255 semi-truck rear axle housing was shortened and get a modified DAF 2255 third member with a modified stock differential, a stock ring and pinion gear, custom-built half shafts, Mercedes aluminum planetaries carrier housing with Mercedes planetaries and homemade CNC-milled brake calipers with used Wilwood master brake cylinders and homemade laser-cut brake discs.
All the modifications on the rear axle were done by the Team himself in their workshop in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel.
Also completely new will be the drivetrain of the tractor. The drivetrain will have a completely new billet 3-speed JGGH Engine & Transmission Solutions gearbox with a homemade steel driveshaft between the gearbox and the clutch, an 11 inch Van der Waal Pulling Parts centrifugal clutch with a steel flywheel and a homemade steel bell housing. The newly developed gearbox by JGGH Engine & Transmission Solutions will have a CNC-milled aluminum housing with custom-built shafts and hardened Toolox gears. The transmission is completely new and was never used in a limited super stock tractor before. JGGH Engine & Transmission Solutions also has developed and built the gearbox for the new Red Impact 4.5t / 9960lbs Farm Stock tractor during the last winter. The Dutch company JGGH Engine & Transmission Solution is owned by Jurrien van de Geer and Geert de Heus. Jurrien van de Geer and Geert de Heus aren't very unknown persons in the pulling sport, they own and driving the John Deere 7710 tractor called ''Secret of the Valley'' in the 4.5t / 9960lbs farm stock class.
For the optimum grip on the dutch pulling tracks, Aad and Bart decided to purchase a set of new uncut Firestone 24.5x32 Puller 2000HP tires on new polished Keizer Wheel aluminum rims from the USA.
The new Fahr Ahead will have a turbocharged 6 cylinder Deutz BF6L413/513 engine with a displacement of 7.6l on alcohol fuel. 
The Deutz BF6L413/513 powerplants were used in the old Deutz DX250, DX8.30 and in some American Deutz-Allis stock tractors.
The engine in the stock tractor is an air-cooled engine with a KKK turbocharger and a displacement of 9.6l on diesel fuel. The engine also has single aluminum heads, a gear-driven camshaft, light metal pistons, a sevenfold bearing crankshaft, and a Bosch fuel pump. The Deutz-Fahr DX250 was built between 1982 and 1983 and the Deutz-Fahr DX8.30 between 1983 and 1988. Only 41 were built of the DX250 and 148 of the DX8.30.
The displacement of the engine will reduced from 9.6l to 7.6l, because of the displacement limit. The displacement of the limited super stock class in Europe is currently limited to 8.3l.
The powerplant will have a machined Deutz BF6L413/513 engine block with homemade steel sleeves, a homemade CNC-machined billet steel crankshaft with homemade rods and pistons, a revised stock Deutz BF6L413/513 head with new better valves and valve springs, a homemade CNC-machined billet steel camshaft, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a billet 108mm turbocharger, a homemade fuel tank and a homemade oil tank. The Dschini Pulling Team from Everswinkel in Germany using the same engine block in their Deutz-Allis Component Super Stock tractor called ''Dschini Evolution'', but running with 4 billet turbos, billet heads and a displacement of 10.5l in the big super stock class. 
All the homemade and machined parts for the engine are developed and constructed by Aad and Bart Boers.
If the powerplant is ready and running well, the Deutz alky burner engine should make around 2500 hp. 
The Dutch team have planned for the first season,  to compete only in the NTTO Dutch National Championship to learn and figured out all the new settings of the tractor.
The maiden voyage of the new Fahr Ahead limited super stock tractor is planned for the 8th of February 2020 at the Indoor Pull in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

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