Tuesday, September 10, 2019

WernerRennen 2019 - Hartenholm (D) - by Jan Lo Tractor-Pulling Media

!WernerRennen 2019 - Hartenholm (D)!


Photos by Jan Lo - Tractor-Pulling Media
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Monday, September 09, 2019

European Champions 2019

4.5t Super Sport

Extreme Edition - Karina Lyngaard (DK)

3.5t Modified

Green Monster IV - Jannis Rüter (D)

3,5t Pro Stocks

John Deere 2 - Michael Galsgaard (DK)

4.2t Heavy Modified

Bobcat Sr. - Bertus Boer (NL)

3.5t Super Stock

Interaction 2.0 - Naomi Kools (NL)

3.6t Super Sport

Blue Tiger - Johan Muller (NL)

0.95t Mini Unlimiteds

Bobcat Jr. - Bart van der Sluis (NL)

2.5t Light Modified

Wicked Screamer - Berrie Boer (NL)

500 kg Stock Garden Pulling

Burning Massey 500 - Wille Gustavsson (S)

500 kg Modified Garden Pulling

Giftzwerg - Volker Hägele (D)

600 kg Modified Garden Pulling

Fireball Evolution - Nicolas Dartique (F)

600 kg CompactDiesel Garden Pulling

Red Devil - Leander van der Geest (NL)

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European Championships 2019 Brande (DK)

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Thursday, September 05, 2019

2019 EC livestream

The Danish TV station TV Midvest will broadcast on their internet live stream the 2019 EC in Brande, Denmark this weekend.
The TV station will show the European Championship on Saturday 7th of September 2019 from 3.30pm-7:30pm CET  on their website www.tvmidtvest.dk live.

for further information, check here: https://www.tvmidtvest.dk/artikel/titusindvis-af-hestekraefter-slippes-loes-i-brande
Also the British pulling announcer Tom Beattie will make some studio interviews and live pit action from the EC on his facebook site called ''Euro Pulling Show'' this weekend.

further information, check here: https://www.facebook.com/Europullingshow/ 

Tractorpulling Weizelsdorf 2019

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Lochem & Dülken 2019 pics

Lochem (NL) 2019: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Pullingworldcom-your-online-pulling-magazine-181014892233794/photos/?tab=album&album_id=960495794285696

Viersen (D) 2019 Sunday: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Pullingworldcom-your-online-pulling-magazine-181014892233794/photos/?tab=album&album_id=960539527614656

Tractor Pulls! 2019 Friday Night Spectacular NTPA

EC 2019 Competitors are known !

check here: http://tractorpulling.com/startlists-ec-brande-2019/?fbclid=IwAR0UgQ2JgfqoRvdZGNNckKVlWlUsuEnvK-uenlo5v7AymVpsir-srpCDF2s

Full Class - Limited SuperStocks - Alphen 2019


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NTPA GN Findlay, OH (USA) 2019: Cancelled due to inclement weather

NTPA GN Wauseon, OH (USA) 2019: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2019/2019-WausOH-00.htm

NTPA Richwood, OH (USA) 2019: http://ntpapull.com/pullresults/2019/2019-RchwOH-00.htm

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OTTPA South Dakota State Fair, SD (USA) September 2, 2019: https://www.nebraskabushpullers.com/2019results.html

PPL Champions Tour Springfiled, TN (USA) August 31, 2019: http://www.propulling.com/results/event-results/champions-tour-event-results/78-results/2019-results/2019-results-champions-tour/1351-aug-31-springfield-tn

PPL Champions Tour Indiana, PA (USA) August 30, 2019: http://www.propulling.com/results/event-results/champions-tour-event-results/78-results/2019-results/2019-results-champions-tour/1333-aug-30-indiana-pa

NYTPA Fonda, NY (USA) August 28, 2019: http://www.nytpa.com/results.cfm

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OSTPA Mt. Gilead, OH (USA) August 31, 2019: https://www.ostpa.com/apps/blog/show/47141877-morrow-county-fair-pull-mt-gilead-oh-august-31-2019

ITPA Pontiac, IL (USA) August 30, 2019: http://itpapulling.com/results-2019-08-30/

ITPA Pontiac, IL (USA) September 1, 2019: http://itpapulling.com/results-2019-09-01/

East Coast Pullers Centre Hall, PA (USA) August 23, 2019: https://www.eastcoastpullersllc.com/results-2019/08-23-Centre%20County/08-23-Centre%20County.php

 East Coast Pullers Centre Hall, PA (USA) August 24, 2019: https://www.eastcoastpullersllc.com/results-2019/08-24-Centre%20County/08-24-Centre%20County.php

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Tractor/Truck Pulls! 2019 Henry County Fair Pull NTPA