Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Smoking Devil sold !

The Transmash V12 powered 2.5t / 5500lbs light modified tractor called ''Smoking Devil'' of the Smoking Devil Pulling Team from Ahaus in Germany was sold to a Garden Pulling Team in August this year. The new owners of the almost newly built light modified machine are the Schluckspecht Pulling Team around Alex Frickel and Stefan Heuel from Sundern in Germany. The Schluckspecht Team compete in the 600kg / 1323lbs modified class with a methanol fired turbocharged 6 cylinder VW VR 6 engine since 2018.
Alex and Stefan also purchased all the spare engines and spare parts for the tractor from the Smoking Devil Team. The Schluckspecht Pulling Team have planned to make some changes on the ride and will compete in the 5500lbs / 2.5t light modified and maybe in the 7700lbs / 3.5t limited modified division in Germany next year.

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2019 NTPA Grand National Modified Champion Interview

Friday, October 25, 2019

Q & A with Doc Riley

Doc Riley from Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA. Doc, together with Greg Randall is currently the TV host for the NTPA Championship Pulling episodes on RFD-TV. He's also announcing NTPA tractor pull events like in Benson, NC, Tomah, WI, etc. and sometimes other motorsport events like monster truck races in the USA. What are you doing in your normal life?
Doc Riley: I have a full service event management, security and marketing company. One of my clients is the National Tractor Pullers Association.  I’ve worked in the area of Concert Security, Celebrity Security and for many years courtside security for the NBA Pacers. What do you like to do in your free time, except Tractor Pulling?
Doc Riley: I enjoy reading, watching college football and spending time at home with my wife Michele. What do you like about Tractor Pulling?
Doc Riley: The competition and innovation.  Seeing companies involved in other motorsports who are also involved in pulling is a thing about pulling. What was your first Tractor Pulling event?
Doc Riley: My first pulling event was the Great Plains Grand Nationals in Hildreth, Nebraska in the late 1980’s. I was an Radio announcer and the station I worked for did all of the marketing for the pull, a benefit event for the Lion’s Club. I read sponsorship announcements. What is your favorite Event / Pulling track?
Doc Riley: Each facility holds a special feeling for me.  Macon, Missouri was not a great track but the people who ran the event were first class.  Erie County Fairgrounds, Hamburg, NY was a great event, sadly those events have been long gone. When and where do you have announced a Pulling event for the first time?
Doc Riley: Hildreth Nebraska was my first paid announcing job of truck and tractor pulling. I did ESPN Television at Hildreth and the year following I was hired as the ESPN host of pulling and the NTPA’s Director of Communication. Additionally, I worked in motorsports TV and was the first host of PPL’s television for ESPN and The Outdoor Channel. That was during the first year of the PPL. What was your biggest success?
Doc Riley: Returning to NTPA after a number of years being away and helping establish new events.  Working as a part of the Tomah, Bowling Green and Enderle All Star announcing crews.  Would love to go back to Fort Recovery and announce. Which Pulling classes do you like too?
Doc Riley: All of them. I've become a big fan of Super Farm and Pro Stock pulling. What was your biggest disappointment?
Doc Riley: In a strange way, leaving NTPA back in the mid 1990's.  I loved the entire Copenhagen/Skoal Pulling Circuit and announcing all of those events. Loved that period of my life. Would love to do it again. Which things must be changed in the future of the Tractor Pulling sport?
Doc Riley: I strongly feel that the core of the sport, the power, the closed level of competition are essential to the continuation of the sport. I feel that the sport is strong.  The Grand National events are moving forward and have strong fan bases.  Langford, New York is a great example an event that is the longest continuing pulling event is now an NTPA Grand National event. What are your plans for the future in Tractor Pulling?
Doc Riley: I hope to announce more and more events! What was for you the most important moment in the sport? 
Doc Riley: Taking the ESPN job to cover NTPA Pulling. That took me from the world of radio into Television and events. What is your favorite Pulling Tractor / Pulling Team?
Doc Riley: Gardner Stones General Stage 4 turbine.  Teams: Banter Brothers, Floyd’s Toy Team, Carl Bilski’s “Sandman”, Holman Brothers “4-Play” Thank you for your time and good luck for the future! 

German Champions 2019

950kg / 2095lbs Mini Modified: Catweazle

2.5t / 5500lbs Light Modified: Green Monster 5 Mitas Edition

3.5t / 7700lbs Pro Stock: Blue Wendelin

3.5t / 7700lbs Modified: Green Monster Stage 4

3.5t / 7700lbs Super Stock: Yellow Dream

3.5t / 7700lbs Limited Modified: Bad Boy

3.5t / 7700lbs Sport: Black Magic

3,5t / 7700lbs Hobby Sport: Green Agri

3.6t / 7930lbs Super Sport: Blue Trouble

4.2t / 9260lbs Heavy Modified: Iwan

4,5t Hobby Sport: Red Sensation

4.5t / 9920lbs Sport: Oliver 1955

5,5t / 12125lbs & 6.5t / 14330lbs Sport: Old Jim

6t / 13228lbs Hobby Sport: Silberpfeil

8t / 17736lbs Hobby Sport: Polarstern

500kg / 1102lbs Stock: Green Deere

500kg / 1102lbs Modified: Giftzwerg

600kg / 1323lbs Compact Diesel: The Gambler

600kg / 1323lbs Modified: Blue Attraction


Congratulations to all 2019 DTTO German Champions!
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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Ceasar sold !

The Finnish 4.5t / 9920lbs farm stock tractor called ''Ceasar'' of the Herlevi Pulling Team from Kalvia was completely sold to Great Britain this year. The Valtra tractor was purchased by Solway Tractor Pulling Team around Ken and Ruth Foster from Low Hesket in Cumbria. The British aren't unknown on the British and European pulling circuits. They are competing for many years successful with an orange Fiat farm stock tractor called ''Orange Factory'' in the 4.5t / 9920lbs class.
When the tractor came to the isle, the Valtra received some little changes. First, the tractor got a new paint job and second a set of new rear tires were raised. The color of the hood and the fenders were changed to orange metallic but the name of the tractor is still the same as he was in Finland.
For a better grip on the pulling tracks, the old Firestone 24.5 x 32 All Traction puller tires were replaced by a set of new Firestone 24.5 x 32 Puller 2000 HP tires on used Midwest aluminum rims.
The Solway Tractor Pulling Team made the maiden voyage with their new toy at the Cumbria Power Weekend in Kirkbride at the end of June this year. The maiden run of the Valtra was pretty good and the team was very happy. The team competes with the farm stock tractor currently only in the BTPA British Championship this year, but they also have the plan to compete in the ETPC Euro Challenge for 2020.

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