Monday, May 11, 2020

Tractor Pulling against Corona Live Pull

From test day to live stream tractor pulling event.

Early this spring the coronavirus spread from China to Europe and nobody really understood the consequences of this virus. Country by country started to shut down.
I think that most of us thought this will be over until the tractor pulling season starts but after a while, we started to realize that this is going to take a some time.
Event after the event started to cancel, how long is it going to take?
As most people read in the world press Sweden took a different approach against the virus.
In the tractor pulling community, we started talking if it was possible to have a small test day.
We started to look at the regulations from the government and the Swedish authorities, is this possible to do a test day in a safe way?
Our conclusion is yes, it is possible to do this with some additional guideline to the promotors and teams.
After some days we realized that most teams would post their test pull on Facebook, so why not make tv broadcast, and then someone came up with the ide to raise some money to prevent Coronavirus.
So here we are today
This is some of the additional guidelines
Tractors can only be operated by Swedish teams and only 2 team members are allowed (driver and mechanic)
Slot times for the teams, one hour before class start and one hour after and they are not allowed to go and meet the other teams (social distancing and have as less people as possible at the track) Sled teams and officials are natural groups and they are kept as few as possible. There will not be a driver meeting on site instead all information will be sent by E-mail
And of course, we will follow all the updates and guidelines from the government and the Swedish authorities and see that nothing changes until race day, if it does we will look if there is a good solution or if we need to cancel the event.
The live stream broadcast starts 6th of June at 2.00 pm Swedish time with

Hot Farm and Farm Stock
At 6:00 pm Swedish time
Mini modified, modified and Show pulling

50% of revenue goes to Médecins sans frontières – MSF and the rest goes finance the event.
Please spread the word about this event so we can raise as much money as possible.
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